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Interested in writing for CharacterGrades? Looks like we’re looking for passionate and niche expert writers. If you have what it takes to engage a reader, provide to the point information and avoid fluffy creation, then contact us at editor@charactergrades.com

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Make sure to provide your previous work samples to strengthen your case.
  • Author name in provided sample article should match the contributor submitting their post.
  • We charge a small fee for posting your content, you didn’t think good things come free, did you?
  • Check your content before submitting; correct any spelling errors and major grammatical mistakes. We’re not grammar nazis, if your article can successfully make sense of every sentence, we’re good.
  • Spammy and promotional articles will immediately be deleted without prior notification to contributor.
  • Do not make it obvious, we all know the best smartphones on the market and certainly nobody cares about 10 superfood to increase mental awareness.

How Things Work At CharacterGrades?

  • Once we have received your submission, an editor specific to the niche will review it for mistakes, correct it and schedule it for publishing.
  • It takes 7-10 days to publish your article based on the number of submissions we receive.
  • Contributors will receive an email from our end if we chose to reject or publish the article.
  • We’re always annoyed so please do not bomb us with your mails, it will increase your chances of getting published.
  • We will not respond to queries related to relevant categories. We are presuming you are smart, hence, try reading the website menu and observe what kind of post we post.
  • Submissions received on Friday will be counted as submissions received on Monday. We are humans and we, too, like to waste our weekend with pineapple pizza and disgusting cheap quality beer.

P.S. For other than obvious queries, blast us at info@charactergrades.com. If we’re not wasted, we’ll definitely ‘try to’ respond within 24 hours.

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