Women should make time for smear test: Marina Wheeler



Cervical screening or a smear test can effectively prevent cervical cancer. The test identifies people who have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer and thereby provide the care they require before getting too late.

After diagnosed with cervical cancer, Marina Wheeler has urged the women to make time for smear tests. The estranged wife of Boris Johnson gives her own example to encourage other women to attend cervical screening.

Marina Wheeler, a QC, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson got married in 1993 and separated in 2018. The 54-year-old Wheeler is the second wife of Boris and both together have four children. She was diagnosed with cancer in May while she and Mr. Boris were going through a divorce. Post receiving the news of cancer in May, she underwent two surgeries and now considers herself “cancer-free”.

Recalling her smear test in January that revealed the problem of abnormal cells in her cervix, she explained how she brushed it off by saying, “that’s absurd, I have no time for this. Quite apart from everything else, I have a book to write”. However, for Wheeler, the experience is “profound” that made her take account of the “incalculable value of holding close those who you love and trust”. 

Wheeler explained that the show will share her story to motivate and encourage other women to book their cervical screenings. According to the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity, Wheeler’s endeavor to openly raise awareness of the disease affecting women of all ages is fantastic.

In the last two decades, the attendance at cervical smear tests is the lowest. “By using her experience,” says Robert Music of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, “to highlight the importance of the test Marina may prevent others from going through the same as her”.  

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