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E-commerce shopping has become a new age of shopping. With the increase in e-Commerce stores, there is increasing competition and the best way to strive is a good customer support system.

Now since e-commerce allows you to shop 24/7, this would mean the requirement of 24/7 customer support. The recent development of Chatbots with the help of Artificial intelligence is your way to go if you want 24/7 customer support without human employment.

Here are some of the reasons why Top Chatbots builders are the need for an e-commerce business –

1. Around the clock, customer support – With the use of Chatbots e-commerce businesses are able to provide 24/7 customer support. It helps customers by addressing their grievances, registering their complaints, and providing a solution. Major e-commerce stores like eBay, Pizza Hut, Snaptravel are using Chatbot to help customers. This also helps in increasing customer satisfaction from the business.

2. Reduction in costs – In the absence of chatbots, a large number of human personnel have to be employed for customer support which results in huge costs. Chatbots are an efficient and effective method to reduce costs while dispensing the same functions. A chatbot is a pocket-friendly method to provide customer care.

3. Personalized service – Chatbots help provide personalized service to customers. It collects data and suggests customer’s products and services based on their preference and need. Companies like H&M and Sephora use Chatbots to provide product suggestions based on the customer choice. They also suggest alternate products to customers if the required product is out of stock. Thus this adds to the level of customer service and satisfaction.

4. Handles multiple customers – Unlike humans, Chatbots have the ability to attend to multiple customers in one go. This saves and time of the customers and helps avoid annoyance and frustration. Since they are AI-based they can handle different customers with different needs at a single time.

5. Recovers abandoned cart revenue – Chatbots help in recovering abandoned carts, thus adding to revenue. They send reminders to customers about their abandoned carts, these messages are more effective than emails as customers are likely to open the text. This prompts the customer to revisit the cart and buy some of the products already in the cart.

6. Post-purchase experiences – Customer service does not end once the product is purchased. Chatbots help in providing post-purchase experience to customers like shipment details, review of the product, troubleshoot a problem, etc. all this helps maintain customer loyalty.

7. Customer satisfaction – Chatbots provide instant redressal of customer grievance along with personalized service to them. They also help customers choose products, offer alternatives, and help in personalized shopping. All these services are provided by them without any delay in an effective and efficient manner. All this adds to customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus building a strong customer base.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of Chatbots for your eCommerce, it is also necessary that use these Chatbots correctly. Here are some of the pointers to use them correctly –

In the absence of a solution with Chatbot, refer to a human agent to help the customer.

  • Protect customer privacy.
  • Develop the AI system carefully with all the necessary requirements.
  • Disclose that the response is generated by a Chatbot rather than keeping the customer in dark.


It can be easily concluded that Chatbots are becoming a necessity for a successful eCommerce business. They help in saving costs, increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and help to strive for the competition. It is wise to incorporate this technology into your business in order to remain at the forefront of the business world.

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