Wendy Williams Opened Up About Family Issues

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Wendy Joan Williams hunter, an American tv host, author, fashion designer, and media personality opened up about her alienate husband, Kevin Hunter.

Tears filled in her eyes when she was asked about her husband hunter.
Wendy and hunter are not having good terms. They both have a son Kevin Hunter Jr.

When questioned how she and her family are doing, Wendy replied: ” young Kevin and I are fine”.
“Stuff happens in life. Stuff happens and it’s OK “. She added.

She got quite emotional and continued saying that ” I’ve still got a very full life that I really adore. “

Her poignant status was so obvious to notice when she ended up saying “please don’t make me cry”.

William filed a divorce after 22 years of marriage with her husband. The divorce was filed 10th of April.

Through some source, it came into notice that Williams got tired of her husband’s professed cheating.

Hunter jr. is also heard of getting into a fight with his father, after which he got arrested.

After being asked, whether the public will get to see all the three of them together, Wendy replied “yes, yes. Of course, you will .”

She was so fed up that she couldn’t resist the tears that soaked her cheeks.
Adding to her words Williams said “Kevin’s got to graduate from college, he’s going into a sophomore year. He’s going to get married. Everyone’s gotta grow up. “

Williams clarified that Kevin and his father are not apart. They are just suffering from rough situations.
Recently Williams posted a photo of herself with a mysterious man. The identity of this #verysexyman is still hidden.

This whole chat with Wendy took place through a car’s window.

Alongside discussing her family issues, she also talked about the matters that took place with the Kardashian family, when she said that Kim Kardashian is faking a pregnancy.

Wendy clarified that everything is good between her and the Kardashian family.

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