Web Design and Instagram: A Match Made in Heaven

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Even though you cannot include many links on Instagram, it’s still ruling the social media network for a while and is loved by both businesses and daily users. The main reason why marketers prefer Instagram is, it has the ability to generate user engagement with the different kinds of content available. Businesses need to optimize their strategy in such a way that they can maximize the traffic to their website and can convert the potential leads to web design and development clients. 

While designing a website, businesses try to show their social media buttons in order to give proof of their existence on those channels. Users have become a social media addict and want the same kind of interaction and experience while browsing any website, this situation has created a challenge for web designers and developers.

Instagram has changed the approach web designers used to design any page. Read on to learn about the benefits of incorporating Instagram in your web design. 

Interactive Website Design

Try to make your website interactive and easy to use, just like Instagram. The website should provide easy navigation and the same amount of interaction they provide on Instagram, the user shouldn’t feel that they have been redirected to some other website. 

Differentiates between personal accounts and business accounts

Yes, Instagram does differentiate between the personal accounts and the business accounts, and when you choose to have a business account on Instagram you have opened a door of opportunities for your business.

Business accounts offer you some extra features such as

  • A contact button on your profile, that means you have the opportunity to provide more information to your users and your audience has more ways to contact you.
  • Access to analytics
  • Create a user base of 10,000 followers and you can even add links in your stories to drive more social traffic.
  • Business accounts can turn into online shops as well 
  • And last but not least Instagram advertising

Great Source of Ideas

You can even use the social networking site to search for some great ideas for your web design clients. The platform has a plethora of information in the form of videos, and visuals related to web design and development.

You can even use the platform to promote your services by showcasing some of your design work and illustrations. It is a great way of telling the world what all services your business provides and maybe some potential clients might even contact you after seeing your feed. 

A profitable way to connect with clients

Instagram is an influential platform to build a client base from scratch with minimum investment. The platform provides you with so much – launches your brands, conducts events, showcases your visuals, and helps to promote your business to gain more clients. 

Growth and Expansion of your business

An Instagram business account will let you communicate with clients around the globe. If you have a business account for web design business you are certainly going to post videos and pictures that represent your business and that represent your work culture. 

You can show the projects you have done and with what all clients you have worked with. This exposure will certainly help you to gain more clients as people trust brands who can provide value in their lives. You can take inspiration from other designers’ work, and even research what your potential clients are looking for, what their needs, etc. All this will help you in growing and expanding your business. 

Some facts about Instagram that will surely make you feel to have a business presence on the platform

  • Approx 1 billion people use Instagram every month
  • Around 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily
  • The average potential advertising reach of Instagram is 849.3 million users
  • 75.3% of US business will use Instagram in 2020
  • 500 million people use Insta stories every day
  • ⅓ of the most viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses


Once you start building some credible relationships, opportunities will follow you. Instagram will help you find the right audience for your business and will gradually increase brand reach. Use your business of web design and Instagram to make things easier and simpler for your prospective clients. The more you engage with people on Instagram the more it will benefit you in the long run.

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