Uranus to go retrograde will make you a better person



Planet Uranus’s known rule change and disruption in one’s life is on retrograde from August 11, 2019 to January 10, 2020. The Uranus is going to prove or live up to its meaning in the coming five months. Your life will see some serious turns and changes and intense disruption and hardship. The coming 5 months could be filled with hardship like break down, breakups, etc. You need to deal with financial and external affairs with caution as it may be on a rampage. 

The goals and perspective might shift and also lose focus by going through misconduct or tensed situation. The up’s and down’s are only going to make you stronger and finer. From another point of view, the universe is going to gift you a precious opportunity to let off the bad times, pathological relationship. Also, It is going to provide a perspective to understand your worth in you and your friend’s life and provide ample professional opportunities.

So, now it is your time to live for yourself and live happily. It’s time for you to take a stand and do the right thing for you. It could be either standing up to your manager and asking for a hike that you deserve or a nice office room with your name on the nameplate.

Remember it is not achievable at one go but take a step ahead and everything shall fall in its place. A thought might cross your mind saying you are out of your character but it shall be for the best. A little struggle in next 5 months can result in everlasting, happy and peaceful life in the long run. Don’t worry, in any case, you shall shine out. Be positive and face the consequences of being strong. Hard times lie ahead but keep your dear ones close and do the right thing.

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