United Airlines plans to roll out connection saver app to more airports by August



United Airlines has decided to grow and expand its new ConnectionSaver app after running a five-month trial at two of its largest hubs. The expansion would cover more airports throughout the country that the United Airlines serve.

ConnectionSaver works in two ways. It sends personalized messages to passengers of United with information regarding their flights, connecting flights, the next gate, how long will it take to get there and amenities present nearby. 

But the app isn’t just convenient for the passengers but for the crew as well. It alerts the crew of the connecting flight and the gate agents to inform them about the passengers that are on their way to catch the flight and how long to hold it for them – for a reasonable amount of time- to ensure the transfer. 

United stated that the app takes everything into account to decide whether or not to hold a departing aircraft and for how long. The main aim of the tool is to help passengers who have a connecting flight while ensuring others are not inconvenienced. 

The test run for the app was conducted at its headquarters at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and at another prominent and busy hub, the Denver International Airport. The Airlines said that during the test run for the app, more than 14,000 customers who had connecting flights were able to make it to their flights, all credits given to the app!

Toby Enqvist, the Chief Customer Officer said in a press release that the ConnectionSaver app only works if it enables them to care for as many passengers as possible  – without causing any trouble to others – and this is exactly what this technology has shown. 

Enqvist further added that they were determined to grab hold on as many opportunities as possible to enhance their services and amp up their passengers’ travel journey. This would also set United apart from their competitors giving them an edge in the aviation industry. 

United plans on launching the app at the San Francisco International Airport, Newark-Liberty International Airport, and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport by August 13. The app will be rolled out at more airports after summer. 

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