Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid’s romance blooms as they go on another date

Alex Standallby:


Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid seem to hit it off- literally. 

It is reported that the models along with their friends spent their night bowling and enjoying themselves in New York City at Frames Bowling Lounge on Monday. 

The outing was following the first date when Gigi and Tyler hung out at Brooklyn’s Dumbo House on Sunday evening just before going to Gigi’s place for a nightcap. A source revealed that Gigi seems interested in Tyler and they even caught up for drinks at Soho and got along quite well. Though it was casual, the couple seemed to enjoy each other’s company and an engaged conversation. 

It is also said that the couple is taking things calmly for now but has made it evident that they have an interest in each other. 

It isn’t an old school love at first sight for the couple, rather they met in the most common way modern love stories begin- social media accounts. Gigi and Tyler first connected with each other on Instagram. 

Since both of them work in the modelling industry, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had some mutual friends, and such acquaintances always help in breaking the ice and getting to know each other better. 

So what does this increasing closeness with Gigi means for Hannah Brown and Tyler? 

Following a sleepover last week reported by a source, Hannah met with Tyler in LA and the two shared a good talk and had a good night, but it’s nothing more than that for now probably. 

In addition to this, both of them have explicitly mentioned that they are single now. Chris Harrison laid it out in the best way possible on Daily Pop’s episode on Monday saying it’s good for Tyler, he isn’t committed anywhere so he can have playdates and do whatever he wishes to. 

The Bachelor host even said that Tyler’s array of dates isn’t surprising at all. 

But does this mean that Tyker C. won’t be a part of the Bachelor contenders anymore? All we can do is wait and watch. 

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