TV Shows That We’re Hooked With in 2019

Alex Standallby:


Many people have been through a phase in their lives where they were hooked to their screens, watching epic TV series like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, “How I Met Your Mother” or “Grey’s Anatomy”. With a gamut of options available today, everyone can pick their favourite genre and scroll through a long list of amazing shows. 

But here are the top 3 TV shows that got millions of people hooked with in 2019:

Sex Education

Released in January by Netflix, Sex Education is about a young boy named Otis Milburn who is a socially awkward virgin. He somehow gets tangled into giving sex advice to students all around his campus for a price. Otis’s mother Gillian Anderson is a sex therapist, and she is sort of perfection. The entire show is an amazing, cute kind of weird that will remind you a bit of Everything Sucks! Meets End of the F***king World. 


Chernobyl is a dark scientific series with 5 intense episodes that tell you everything that happened back in the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It shows all the tiny details, right from what happened that night to the people who played the protagonist in the disaster to the aftermath and the current situation of Chernobyl. The eerie background music and the harsh reality behind the disaster take the viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride. 

Stranger Things 3 

The much-awaited Stranger Things 3 caused a worldwide sensation before it even premiered. The sci-fi show is all about a group of enthusiastic young kids and their dear ones fighting against a creature, Demogorgon that comes from another universe to create chaos on Earth.

The protagonist of the show “El” or “eleven” is seen to be all “girly” in this season. She even has a girlfriend “Max”, who helps her understand the tidbits of a human relationship, especially the ones that you share with your boyfriend. Quite an interesting and fun series to watch, Stranger Things 3 had made it to the top of the “Binge list” for many people. 

What’s TV show has you hooked in 2019? Let us know.

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