Travelers put on alert as two major storms head towards Hawaiian Coast



Travelers planning to take a vacation in Hawaii in the days ahead should keep their eyes on two storm systems that are moving across the Pacific Ocean. 

Hurricane Erick continues to grow stronger and intensify as it moves towards the west with about 18 miles per hour speed. The storm will reportedly slower down through Thursday to build strength, with maximum sustained winds currently marked at an estimated 75 miles per hour. 

As the hurricane would pass through the south of the Hawaiian islands, Erick is forecast to dwindle on Thursday and Friday. 

Though the hurricane is not anticipated to land, Big Island officials are presuming enhanced wind gusts of up to 110 miles per hour, heavy rain and up to 16 feet of storm surge. While the impact of Hurricane Erick on travelers remains unknown, another storm is continuing to gain strength right behind Erick. The second storm, Tropical Storm Flossie is currently moving towards the west at about 17 miles per hour across the Pacific. 

With greater gusts, Flossie is evaluated with maximum sustained winds close to 65 miles per hour. The storm will proceed to strengthen over the next few days before becoming a hurricane on Tuesday. 

The storm system is then anticipated to shrink away over the weekend to a tropical storm before potentially going over or south of the Hawaiian Islands soon next week. 

Travelers heading for a visit to Hawaii should be aware of the potential risks associated with both the storms as they travel across the ocean, gaining strength before they touch the coast of Hawaiian islands.

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