Alicia Florrick From The Good Wife

Alex Standallby:


Despite this not being 2008 or a Law & Order episode, the plot of The Good Wife can only be described as ‘ripped from the headlines.’ Alicia Florrick, former lawyer, mother of two, and wife of a politician-cum-scoundrel, picks up the shattered pieces of her life after said lothario husband is found guilty of cavorting with prostitutes. Having spent many years as the ‘good wife,’ Alicia returns to practice law at a firm run by an old flame to support her family and continues to struggle with standing by her man and standing up for herself.

Over the past four seasons, Alicia Florrick has developed into one of the strongest, most independent and confident characters on television. She’s a wicked lawyer little patience for lying or manipulation and a refreshingly genuine attitude. What makes Alicia such a compelling character is that she is not, nor does she try to be, perfect – she doesn’t get everything right, but she’s real and she does the best with what she has. Oh, and she has the shiniest hair in the world. There are so many strong, empowering, “I am woman, hear me roar” moments to choose from in Alicia’s repertoire – but perhaps her defining moment came when she confidently slipped that hotel key in the door for her clandestine and long-awaited rendezvous with Will.

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