Star Trek: Picard Trailer Creates A Buzz – Shows The Captain’s Reunion with Seven of Nine and Data

Alex Standallby:


The upcoming Star Trek series’ first full trailer was released on Saturday. It entails the adventures of Jean-Luc Picard, an elderly, showing the reunion of the caption of the starship Enterprise with some fan-favourite characters. 

Star Trek: Picard, debuting on CBS All Access in the early 2020, sees Patrick Stewart resuming his position as the noble leader after more than 20 years since the Star Trek: The Next Generation ended.  

Fans got to experience the first look and get a gist of what should they expect from the series from the trailer that debuted at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday. At the beginning of the trailer. Picard is shown talking about his longing for space travel, while retired at a vineyard somewhere on Earth. 

He subtly explains how he has tried to belong in the vineyard, retired and old, but it never really felt like home. Soon, a mysterious stranger arrives and sends Picard on a journey to accomplish a mission with his new crew- as a Borg cube spaceship as dangerous as ever. 

But there’s no reason to fear because it seems Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and Data (Brent Spiner) are back too. 

Trekkies seemed enthusiastic about the trailer, and fans were super excited, especially by the return of Spiner and Ryan’s characters. 

The showrunner of the Star Trek: Discovery series, presently broadcasting on CBS All Access, Alex Kurtzman is also spearheading this new revival.

When the announcement for a new Picard-centered series was made at another fan convention, almost a year ago, Stewart said that returning to the role was quite unexpected but a delightful surprise. He added that previously he felt he had served his time with the Star Trek series and had run a normal course.  

Stewart said he feels that he is ready to return to him, research and experience the refreshing and reforming light he must shine on these dark entities at often very dark times.

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