Spaceflow, the ‘tenant experience platform’, raises $1.8M in Funding

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Spaceflow, a startup created to bridge the gap between tenants and landlords and provide a better service recently raised over $1.8 million in funding. 

The funding round was led by Credo Ventures, with active participation from UP21 and Day One Capital. Founded in Prague, Spaceflow also has an office nestled in Silicon Valley. The company said it would use the newly garnered capital to employ new members for its product development team and to meet its U.K. and U.S. growth goals. 

Spaceflow describes itself as a “plug& play” community engagement and tenant experience platform sold to operators of co-living spaces and landlords, which connects space users to services, amenities and community life. 

The company claims that the upside of the platform is that it allows building operators and landlords to provide a “space-as-a-service” to guests and tenants. Spaceflow helps in enhancing customer satisfaction (here tenant) and, as a result, it engages and retains good tenants to increase profits. 

Lukas Balik, CEO, and co-founder of Spaceflow explained that once you have downloaded the Spaceflow app as an occupant, you can easily locate your property by using QR code or GPS (the profile is not public so there is an access code as well). After you have reached the building profile, most of the content is curated specifically for the building. 

Balik says that the Spaceflow platform works as though a “remote control” for your property which gives you access to reservations and bookings for common spaces, parking, and bikes, etc. The app also features a “digital concierge” aspect for amenities like room cleaning, local yoga classes, dry cleaning, or food delivery. 

Apart from this, the user can get the latest updates about the property from the owner using the newsfeed option. The app also entails a reporting tool which is used for reporting maintenance and other issues as well. It also has an online community for the building. 

Balik further added that the platform enables every landlord to access the admin console, using which they can set up their entire portfolio. Every client receives an onboarding session with one of Spaceflow’s community managers. The app offers 3 different subscription plans based on the level of ongoing support. 

Launched in 2016, Spaceflow currently runs in 9 country markets, with a strong foothold on both sides of the market. 

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