Singapore Airlines Provides Free In-Flight Wi-Fi For Its Passengers



Passengers who have always wished for internet access while traveling via airplanes can now sit back and relax with Singapore Airlines that has launched a new service for its passengers. 

Adding to its spectacular array of services, Singapore Airlines is now offering free in-flight Wi-Fi to its passengers flying in First Suites and First Class. Effective from August 1, 2019, the new services added by Singapore Airlines will offer free Wi-Fi in the airline’s highest cabin of service and increase the data usage capacity for other premium travelers as well. 

Singapore Airlines has been providing free Wi-Fi for a few years now to selected premium passengers. But the free Wi-Fi was limited with data usage restrictions, even for the First Suites and First Class passengers. 

Moreover, passengers who will be flying in Business Class and frequent flyers in the upper-tier elite class will be able to access the free Wi-Fi with an extended data cap. 

Applicable from August 1, Singapore Airlines will expand their free Wi-Fi services and it will be available in the cabins as follows:

  • Suites: Free unlimited Wi-Fi (up from 100MB)
  • First Class: Free unlimited Wi-Fi (up from 100MB)
  • Business Class: Free Wi-Fi up to 100MB (up from 30MB)
  • PPS Club Flyers: Free Wi-Fi up to 100MB (up from 30MB)

Other passegers will also be provided with an option to get in-flight Wi-Fi by paying additional charges for it. 

In order to avail free Wi-Fi services, passengers who are eligible to do so will have to begin their session using the in-flight Wi-Fi portal from the “complimentary access” page. 

Though the newly launched service is a cherry on the top, given the exquisite services offered by Singapore Airlines to its First Class and First Suites, the speed of the Wi-Fi will vary. However, premium passengers can now pass their time by checking on their social media accounts and sending emails while they fly up above the clouds, without worrying about limiting data caps.

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