Selena Gomez Announces New Music Album

Alex Standallby:


Selena Gomez shared that her new music video is ready. She announced this on Monday night while walking on the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Selena Gomez is well known and established American singer, actor.

Gomez has a huge fan following, which is justified if we take a look at her Instagram followings. Selena Gomez with 153M followers on Instagram is one of the highly followed singers s on that platform. Her fans are always eager to get informed about any updates from her. People are keen to peek into her personal life as well.

When asked about her new album, the star replied:

” Yes, it’s finally done.”

She further cunningly stated that she can ‘t give any more pieces of information yet. “That’s all ” Gomez ended up with this and said that until she officially releases the album fans can see her in her latest movie ‘ The Dead Don’t Die.’

This movie includes Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Chloe Sevigny and many more as co-stars. Gomez posted a photograph on Instagram with the caption “Studio,” which can also be considered as a confirmation of this news.

The premiere of her new movie ” The Dead Don’t Die ” was held on June 10. Gomez also talked about her new album on a podcast.

Songwriter Justin Tranter who also have writing credits for Selena’s various music albums such as Revival and the latest song ‘ Bad liar,’ confirmed that he’s been helping Gomez in her new tracks. This hints that Selena’s new tracks are for sure to be released soon.

Her fans are all geared up to get the taste of the star ‘s new piece and are expecting it to be as good as her earlier songs are.

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