NASA calls for companies to join the next phase of Lunar Program

Brad Wilsonby:


To join the list of Commercial Lunar Payload Services NASA announced an open opportunity for companies. The space administration is seeking more firms to develop improved lunar landers offering contracts up to $2.6 billion extend by 2028.

NASA plans to go past the limits of existing technological boundaries and create next gen lunar landers capable of delivering heavier payloads to the moon surface. The program includes sending a man and woman for moon exploration mission for 2024.

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s associate administrator for the agency’s Science Mission Directorate says, “Our commercial partners are helping us to advance lunar science in an unprecedented way.” “As we enable broader opportunities for commercial providers through CLPS, we’re enlarging our capabilities to do novel measurements and technology development scientists have long wanted to do at the Moon.” 

The selected companies will join the existing 9 CLPS listed firms in providing support to NASA’s upcoming exploration programs. The goal of CLPS project is to create faster return to the moon surface and help in technical and scientific advancements.

Steven Clarke, NASA deputy associate administrator for exploration in science says, “The Artemis program integrates our science and human exploration goals, and we are using our commercial partners to help meet those goals with an innovative and cost-effective approach,” 

NASA’s previously selected companies include: Lockheed Martin, Masten Space Systems, Astrobotic Technology, Firefly Aerospace, Draper, Deep Space Systems, Intuitive Machines, Orbit Beyond and Moon Express.

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