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Marcia Harvey is the ex-spouse of a popular entertainer and TV star Steve Harvey. You are probably familiar with his work as Steve is an actor, producer, author, and a three-time Daytime Emmy Award Winner. He is also one of the most famous TV hosts in US history. Sure, a lot of things are known about Steve Harvey. But not much is known about his wife Marcia Harvey. Well, Marcia is also a thriving businesswoman. Marcia has tried several businesses like starting her own clothing line, writing a book and stuff.

How Old Is Marcia Harvey?

Marcia Harvey age is 64 years in 2019. She was born in 1955. She married Steve Harvey in 1980 and they split up in 1994.

Marcia Harvey Net Worth

In my view, Marcia is not that rich. She has not accumulated much money by selling her books and she sure didn’t make much from her clothing business. In all honesty, most of her wealth comes from her previous marriage. Also, she doesn’t say much about her private life. So, it would be hard to guess how exactly is she worth at the moment. Her husband, by the way, makes a staggering 40 million USD per year. His net worth is around $140 million.

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Marcia Harvey Wiki

Exclusively, it is concluded that several people would not care about Marcia at all if it wasn’t for Steve Harvey. The fact that she was married to him is the main reasons why people are so much interested in her life. Many would argue that most of the things we know about her are only because they are in some way related to Steve Harvey.

Those suggestions are actually kind of true and we cannot deny them. Sure, she had a life before she got involved with Steve Harvey but she got attention after her marriage. Besides, her life has fared well after both of them decided to part ways.

From our research, Marcia was born on 22nd January 1955. It is not official tho. She is an African-American but she was born in the United States of America. Growing up, she worked at a department store in the US.

There were circulations on the internet that Marcia Harvey is a poet. This was back in April 2011. She published her collection of poems entitled “Marcia: Eyes to the Soul”

The collection of poems was about her relationship with Steve Harvey. You could get a better insight into their lives after reading those poems.

There is another theory, as well. Many believe that Marcia put down some words to express her success, joy, sadness, expectations with life. It is about growing up, losing love and finding it again, getting up after you fall down, and developing a beautiful relationship with Jesus.

Marcia started writing books and poems at an early age of 12. The poet holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry. with a background in Quality Assurance, Forensic Science. She has a B.S. in Chemistry with a work background in Clinical Research, Quality Assurance, Assistant Management and Forensic Science.

Marcia Harvey Husband

Well, we already know that Steve Harvey is the husband of Marcia Harvey.
They lived together from 1980 to 1994. The couple had beautiful twin daughters.

Present Life

Marcia now supposedly resides in Cleveland Heights, Ohio with a guy he is married to. His name is Larry Greene. Not much is known about her private life. And she doesn’t like to talk much about it in Public. The only things that we know if from her books that she wrote. Books like Poems from the Heart, Eyes to the Soul give us a little idea about her life. People suggest that these books are about her life and the words revolve around her past and the present. Although, there are many interpretations. No one know for sure

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