Lucy Hale glows in a purple sequined dress at The CW’s All-Star party

Alex Standallby:


Lucy Hales has been a regular on The CW, starting with there series Life Sentence and now starring in the upcoming spin-off of Riverdale. The actress wore retro ensembles dated back to the 1960s style as she made her way into The CW’s All-Star Party for the TCA Summer Press Tour in L.A. 

The 30-year-old Katy Keene celebrity sparkled in a dazzling purple sequined dress. Her dress was cloaked with multicolored sequin, but the mauve colour was prominent on the patch pockets and her collar. 

The dress was of thigh-length and featured a beautiful bow around her collar with pockets made of silky lavender fabric. The hem of the dress was glistenig with long beads that looked like tinsels of a Christmas tree from afar. 

Lucy wore a subtle, elegant make-up featuring a purple shade of eyeshadow that algined perfectly with her outfit’s colour palette. 

The Truth or Dare star also wore an orange ribbon right below her collar. Her short hair looked beautiful as she had them properly done in light beachy waves that went perfectly with her attire. 

Lucy completed her look by pairing up a chic sliver coloured open-toe heels. 

Also creating some major buzz around her outfits at the event was Ruby Rose. She is widely popular for her role in The Orange Is The New Black and will now be starring in the new Batwoman series for The CW. 

Ruby flaunted a stunning Dior dress with long sleeves and high collar that followed a black and white checkered design on the top and a solid black colour from the bust-down. 

The black bustier below her clevage in the attire with what appeared as a leather belt wrapped around her midriff seemed gorgeous. 

The actress and model, Ruby wore a fishnet skirt which extended from her belt to the ankles. Showing off her signature short hair, she styled them up in spikes for the event. 

Completing the look with a pair of tall black platform heels, Ruby turned quite a lot of heads around. 

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