Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s beloved dog hit and killed by a car

Alex Standallby:


Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner recently lost their beloved dog, Waldo Picasso. The young puppy was an Alaskan Klee Kai dog and had a close bond with both, Joe and Sophie. 

It is reported that the puppy was hit and killed by a car earlier this week on the streets of New York City. A rep for Jonas explained how the unfortunate incident took place and said it was almost like a “freak accident.” 

It is reported that the couple’s dog walker had taken Waldo for a stroll on his leash when he got scared by a pedestrian and ran straight into the oncoming traffic. 

Joe and Sophie are said to be mourning the loss of their beloved puppy. They are yet to address their inconceivable loss publicly. 

The Jonas-Turner family had welcomed Waldo on April 2018. Their other dog, Porky Basquaint Jonas, introduced Waldo, his new friend to the rest of the world with a super cute Instagram post. 

The caption on the photo was adorable which said Porky and his parents had adopted his own brother from the same litter. He had even tagged Waldo’s Instagram profile asking everyone to welcome him. 

The two pups were recently seen with Joe and Sophie for their star-studded wedding in the south of France. They both were the limelight of the event and stole the show by sporting adorable tuxes in honor of the merry occasion. 

Joe had previously joked saying they were the boggiest dogs he had ever met. 

He revealed some of the insights about the pups and said Porky was the “wild” one of the two, while Waldo was more of the shy kind. Despite their contrasting personalities, they were a perfect match for him and his wife, said Joe. 

He went on to explain how he knew exactly when these two dogs were going to be a part of their family- when his mother was buying gifts and treats for the pups, hoping that she could babysit them while Joe was traveling. 

Waldo and Porky even participated in the photoshoot of Joe’s “Sexiest Man” for People, which was one of the most memorable workdays for Jonas.  

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