Presenting a Bag of Tricks for Image Background Removal

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Photo editing is pretty common these days. People love to edit their photos to make them more attractive and share them with their friends on social media. The most common editing work is the removal of the background or fixing the images to a finer background. There are a number of ways to do it.

Image Editing Software

There is a number of Image Editing Software that can help with background removal. But Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous and popularly used software for this purpose. In this article, we present you with a bag of tricks for removing background and make your photos much more appealing.

Photoshop has a lot of tools that help with background removals such as Background eraser tool, channel mask tool, Magnetic lasso tool, Pen tool, normal Lasso tool or a combination of one or more of these tools. Well, it’s true that software fairly makes the process so simple but you still need to put some effort to get the job done.

Step 1: Using the lasso tool

First, you need to duplicate the background layer. Now using one of the tools named Lasso tool, select the main image. After the selection process is over, the move option should be clicked. Now the only the selected area remains on the screen and the background vanishes. Now press the ctrl+c to copy the selected area and press ctrl+v to paste the selected area. A new layer will be seen on the layer panel with the selected area.

Step 2: Selecting the image

Now the initial selection process is over. Next would be the finishing touch of the work that is the unwanted areas should be removed from the selected area. For this, the magic wand tool would be of great use. This is very easy to use the tool. Just clicking on unwanted areas will delete the unwanted portions in the picture. You will get the picture without the background!

Step 3: Creating a new layer and changing the background color

Lastly, a new layer should be created to insert this picture into a new background. If only plain colors are needed in the background then the colors can be used or if any picture is needed the picture can be opened.

Some other Photoshop selection tools

This is a very easy procedure with the Adobe Photoshop software. Instead of the Lasso tool, the magnetic lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool can also be used for selection purposes. These selections of tools depend on the quality and color combination in the picture. Lasso tool can be used in free form lines.

The Magnetic Lasso tool is used when there is a good difference between the picture and the background color. The polygonal tool can be used with objects and other materials like pillows, boxes, machines, etc. It cannot be used for selecting the facial images. A quick selection tool can also be used to find the edges. This is basically the edge finding tool.

A good and smart combination of these tools will help in the image background removal and isolating the pictures. You see, removing background may be an easy task but a little effort will make the tricks work well.

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