How to Setup & Reset Amazon Alexa echo DOT? (3rd Gen)

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What is Alexa Echo?

Haven’t we all used ‘Okay Google’ or ‘Hey Siri’ on our smartphones at least once? And many of us use virtual assistants daily to get things done. In the world of AI smart assistants, Amazon Alexa has revolutionised the way virtual assistants look, jammed-packed with features that help us in our daily lives.

Amazon Alexa echo DOT, commonly known as Alexa, is simply your voice-controlled virtual assistant. You can access Alexa with handsfree speakers, Echo, and is always at your beck and call. And that is precisely what Alexa is, your voice-controlled virtual assistant. You can control various systems and ask Alexa to do tasks for you too!

Alexa’s reach doesn’t just stop at speakers. It doesn’t only connect to Echo devices, but also various third-party devices. You can connect it to your TV, other speakers, Fitbit, your phone and even your car!

Amazon has worked consistently to bring new and better Alexa Echo speakers to us. And the latest model, Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen, comes with some very interesting modifications. We will tell you how you can set up Alexa Echo, its advantages, few hacks to make the best use of Alexa and How to reset Alexa Echo Dot. Furthermore, we’ll tell you about the Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Gen and where you can buy one for yourself.

The first thing when you do get Alexa is setting it up. Here is how:

How to set up Amazon Alexa Echo DOT

Since this product has so many features to it, you might be thinking that it will take a lot of effort to set it up. Not at all! This product is made to make life easier for you, so why would setting it up be difficult?

All you need is these three steps and Voila! You can talk to Alexa whenever you want to!

1. Plug in the Alexa Echo DOT

This is probably the easiest step among the others. You don’t have to worry about batteries when it comes to the Echo. It operates on electricity. Connect the power adapter to Echo and the plug to a functioning power outlet. When you connect it to power, the light ring will turn blue, signalling that the device is successfully connected to a power supply. Wait for the ring light to become orange. This signifies that Alexa is getting ready to greet you. After that, Alexa will inform you that the device is ready for set-up.

2. Connect your phone to Wi-Fi and download the Alexa app

Download the free Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. You can find the app on Play Store or App Store named as ‘Amazon Alexa’. Make sure that your device has Android 6.0 or higher or iOS 11 or above. Also, be sure to connect your device and your Echo device to your home Wi-Fi network for a smoother process.

Now that the app has finished downloading on your phone, open the app. Look for your Echo device among the available networks. You can choose to save your password for the future.

3. Talk away with Alexa!

And you’re all set to go. The default wake word is ‘Alexa’. If you want to change the wake word, you can simply go on about it by saying ‘Alexa, change the wake word’. 

Now that you know how to set up Alexa Echo, you might be wondering ‘Why Alexa?’ Well, here is why you should choose Alexa.

Advantages of Alexa

Let us get right to it. Here are five advantages of using Alexa:

· Phone calls have never been easier: We know that landlines are getting quite outdated as the new and advanced smartphones are introduced in the market. But with Alexa, the trend is coming back. Now you can use your landline without having to dial your contacts, or looking up their numbers. You can call anyone from your contact list with Alexa. Although, keep in mind that your contacts will also be able to call you with your Echo device. You do have the option of blocking unknown contacts.

· Keep yourself updated: Yes, Alexa can tell you all about what’s hot in today’s word by simple voice controls. Want to hear brief news? Want to know about your favourite celebrity? Want to know what’s up with your country? Alexa can tell you all about it. You can also set preferences for it so you hear more about what you like.

· Keep your kids busy: After a long day of work, you want to sit back and relax. But your kids might not agree with your plans. Or even the fact that you have run out of ideas to entertain your kids can be taxing. You don’t have to worry anymore; Alexa is here to help you with that! Here is how Alexa can be a source of entertainment for your children:

o   Play your kids’ favourite songs

o   Play interactive games with Amazon Echo games

o   Find Easter eggs

· Get all the help in Kitchen: Have you run out of ideas on what to cook? Don’t worry, Alexa will give you some very useful tips and tricks on how to cook. Unfortunately, Alexa can’t cook for you yet, but that day is not far. Apart from cooking tips, Alexa can also:

o   Tell you about conversions

o   Provide you new recipes

o   Play music so you can cook to a beat

o   Set timers to avoid overcooked or undercooked food

· Total control over your smart home: Controlling your smart home is one of the major feet of your Alexa. Switch off the lights, turn off appliances, lock the door, say anything and Alexa does it for you. Here are some things Alexa can do at your Smart home:

o   Control lights

o   Control garage door

o   Change the temperature

o   Lock the main entrance

Alexa Echo hacks

Do you want to get the most out of your Amazon Alexa Echo DOT? You have come to the right place. Here are some simple yet useful tips and tricks to get the most out of your Alexa Echo:

· Rename Alexa to avoid confusion. Or to something funky to add an edge to your house!

· Teach Alexa to recognise your voice so that the voice recognition doesn’t have any loopholes.

· Did you miss out what Echo just said? Just ask Alexa to repeat what it said last. For example, ‘Alexa, can you repeat that?’

· Ask Alexa to spell out a word for you so that you don’t have to look up online or ask someone else.

· Flip a virtual coin. No hassle of looking for a coin at all!

· Tune all your instruments without having to find a tuner, or even buy one!

· Get personalised traffic updates to get to your desired location as early as you can.

· Set your preferences for news briefing to only listen to what you want and nothing else.

·  Control the temperature of your house with Nest by just asking Alexa!

·  Last but the most important, clean up your voice history that you don’t want anyone else to know about. You can do so with your Alexa app. Go to Menu > Settings > History >

The all-new Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Now that you know what Amazon Alexa echo DOT is, and why do you want Alexa, let us talk about the latest Echo: Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen).

This smart speaker comes with a 360-degree sound. It has gained a lot of popularity among its users and is one of the most popular products of Amazon. Apart from the amazing sound quality, the speaker comes with four microphones, so that Alexa can hear your voice across the room. You can now talk to Alexa in English and Hindi. And it will respond in Hindi too!

Apart from the general advantages of playing music, listening to the news, setting alarms and so many more features, this new model updated itself from the old one too. Echo Dot 3rd Gen has 1.6 mm speakers which give a much better sound quality than the previous model. Amazon also did a great job in upgrading the look of the speaker too. It is very handy and is a stunning addition to your bedside table or your study bureau or any other place.

If you are still finding that these features are not enough for you, Alexa can learn new skills for you! You can teach Alexa to learn a skill from 30,000+ skills. Simply go to the Skill Finder option to make Alexa learn something new. You can customise these skills to suit your preferences too!

How to reset Alexa Echo

If your Alexa Echo is giving you problems, here is what you will need to do.

First of all, we would suggest simply restart the device in case it is being unresponsive. Restarting jumpstarts all the processes and brings everything back to the way it was.

If it is still not working properly, or if you want to erase your personalisation and device settings, here is a quick guide to factory reset your Alexa Echo.

· Press and hold the action button: Hold the button for about 25 seconds. The ring light will turn orange and the Echo will turn off.

· You will have to wait for the ring light to turn blue: Then the light will turn orange again and Echo will enter setup mode.

Where to buy Alexa Echo

The easiest and most convenient way to buy Alexa is from Amazon. You can either order it from the app or the website. You might have ordered one thing or the other from Amazon. So, you naturally know how easy it is to buy something from Amazon. Well, buying Alexa Echo is no different. You can always trust Amazon to deliver a genuine product. After all, Amazon does bring smiles.

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