How to Find a Reliable Solar Street Light Manufacturer

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The solar industry undoubtedly has evolved over the past few years. Many new companies have emerged as solar lighting experts but there are only a few you can rely on. Purchasing solar equipment requires a good chunk of money. Therefore, it’s necessary to find someone you can trust because a bad choice can burn a hole in your pocket.

There are a lot of things to consider if you’re planning to buy solar street lights. In this post, we will discuss some key pointers to keep in mind in order to choose a reliable solar street light manufacturer

Light Fixture

There are a lot of players out there when it comes to solar lighting. But you need to ask them what kind of light fixture they recommend with the solar assembly. Go with the industry leaders like Hubbell as they have a very long life. 

They can last for as long as nearly 22 years when operated non-stop every day from dusk to dawn. It is quite important to use quality light fixtures because you want the most bang for your buck when you’re making such an investment.

Ask for Light Distributions

It is quite usual to see street lights using type – 2 and type – 3 light distributions. But it’s possible that your needs are different. You should choose a solar light manufacturer who can provide you with the lighting solution tailored according to your needs. 

Distribution patterns help us choose a lighting solution specific to a particular task. Solar street light manufacturers should be able to meet all your requirements. For example, it is possible that you need lights for a roadway. Now there can be any number of lanes, sidewalks, medians, etc. and the distribution pattern is set based on the purpose for each light. 

So make sure the distribution pattern is not generalized. Always go with the trusted manufacturers. There are websites like that you can go with. They are one of the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to solar street lighting. 

Ask for the Battery Backup They Offer

It is very important to have a solar system with a good battery backup. Unfortunately, most solar light manufacturers don’t offer a good battery backup. They only have like 3 nights of backup which is not good.

We cannot trust the weather all the time. Well, if the sun is only out for 2 days, then that’s good. But we cannot really count on that. Sometimes, there can be multiple days without sun. Therefore it is important to find a solar street light manufacturer that offers 5 nights of battery backup. 

Also, if you have 2 or 3 days of battery storage, that means you will have to change the battery every year. That greatly increases the maintenance cost and you surely don’t want that. 

Customer Service and Warranty

What good is a solar light manufacturer if they don’t have top-notch customer service? In this modern world, we want to get things done as fast as possible. No one likes waiting around. And if you have a problem with your solar solution, you would like to get it fixed ASAP. 

But if your manufacturer keeps you waiting, doesn’t respond to queries, you’re better off without them. You want to go with a manufacturer who put their customers first and respond to their questions and requests in a timely manner. 

Also, solar street light systems should have a good warranty. You are buying a system that you expect to last for around 20 years, to say the least. Don’t always go with the cheapest option available because you might end up paying for replacement and maintenance every year.

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