How to Buy Elevator Shoes for Cardio Dance Workouts

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Over the years, dancing has become a fun way for people to exercise, keep fit, and lose weight. Dance workouts are cardiovascular activities that aid in improving one’s health by enhancing the functions of the heart in terms of pumping heart, regulating blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, and burning calories to aid in weight loss.

One of the key aspects of working out is having the right form during the exercise and using the right tools, which includes shoes. Notably, different workouts require different shoes due to the difference in execution. For example, running requires shoes that enhance the forward motion of the runner. Runners have different running styles with some running with the heel being the first point of impact on the ground while others run with the toes touching the ground first with every step. As such, these two people need different forms of support from their running shoes.

Strength training workouts that involve squats and lunges require height increasing shoes that are raised at the heel more than the toes. This form of elevation provides extra support and the height increase enhances the impact of your workout as you go low and come back up during the squat.

Get your dance on

When it comes to dancing, your body is always in motion with different moves hitting different parts of your anatomy. As such, the best shoe for a dance workout is one that enhances flexibility.

Flexibility starts from your feet. The right dance shoes should be perfectly suited for your type of feet. People either have completely flat feet without arches, neutral feet with slight arches, and high-arched feet. The difference in arches calls for a difference in support from the shoes. As such, a flat-footed person requires elevator shoes with a raised section where the arch rests. People with neutral and high arches require minimal elevation hence their height increasing dancing shoes should ideally only go up to 2.4 inches, which is the first category of elevation that GuidoMaggi elevator shoes provide.

Flexibility is further enhanced through the fitting of the shoes. Considering you are in constant motion in all directions when dancing, it is important to wear comfortable dancing shoes that provide enough interior room for your feet to twist and turn. When buying elevator shoes for cardio dance workouts, you will benefit from buying shoes that are half a size bigger than your everyday shoes. The half-size increase creates extra space for all your dance moves.

It is important to wear dance shoes that are light enough for you to constantly raise from off the floor when dancing. One of the most common misconceptions surrounding elevator shoes is that they are heavy on the feet. This misconception has a legitimate backing considering traditional platform shoes were massive in appearance and in weight. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men and women counter this problem by using light materials in the raised insole of the shoe to enhance comfort when wearing the shoes.

With the proper athletic elevator shoes on your feet, you are well on your way towards becoming a dance fitness guru and your feet will thank you for the extra pampering during all your workout sessions.

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