Guava leaves for weight loss: Simple Recipes and Tips

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Guava is a powerhouse in the fruit world, and the succulent leaves that grow on the guava tree have significant health benefits. Guava leaves are full of antibacterial properties, antioxidants, are medically used to treat ailments.

Guava leaves are widely popular for weight loss. They also help in many other health benefits and carry high remedial power.

Often people who suffer from obesity tend to experience a lack of confidence, poor concentration and face several diseases that are associated with overweight. 

If you are someone who is looking for a home remedy for weight loss, look no further. This article will tell you how to use guava leaves for weight loss.  

How Guava Leaves Help in Weight Loss?

Weight loss is one of the most recognized benefits of guava leaves. They are rich in antioxidants and contain anti-inflammatory agents which help reduce weight. According to, Guava leaf tea helps in weight loss by preventing complex carbohydrate sugars from converting into fat. 

These complex sugars are responsible for causing weight gain as well as producing the urge for hunger time and again. Guava leaves are known to be a great appetite suppressant which helps in avoiding overeating. 

1. Controls Sugar Levels

Guava leaves improve blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and long-term blood sugar control. They avoid the conversion of starch into sugar, thereby preventing the risk of diabetes and controls sugar levels efficiently. 

Guava leaves are also highly potent in converting sugar into energy, which helps to prevent high blood sugar levels. A study in 19 people found that drinking guava leaf tea decreased blood sugar levels after a meal. 

2. Reduces Cholesterol

Cholesterol is most commonly found in people aged between 30 to 65. It is a severe disease that can give birth to other ailments such as heart diseases, strokes, obesity, etc. 

When cholesterol rises than normal levels, it causes your blood vessels to develop fatty deposits. Gradually, these deposits grow and make it difficult for blood to flow through your arteries. 

Guava leaves reduce cholesterol by keeping it under control and thereby preventing the risk of heart diseases and other ailments linked with high levels of cholesterol. 

3. Cleans Your Digestive System

Guava leaves stimulate the production of digestive enzymes that helps clean our digestive system and maintain healthy digestion. People with gastrointestinal issues can use guava leaf tea which prevents the growth of microbes and helps them keep a clean and healthy digestion system. 

Healthy digestion ensures that food is converted into energy and stored as fat. Thus, if you are looking for a simple home remedy or food to reduce weight, consider drinking guava leaves tea for weight loss. 

4. Improves Metabolism

Metabolism plays an important role when it comes to weight loss. It is important to keep a healthy metabolism rate as it prevents the accumulation of fat. The higher the metabolism, the more calories you burn and it is easier to lose weight or keep it under check. 

Guava leaves are a great source of food that helps increase metabolism. Having a good metabolism rate will increase your energy levels and make you feel better. 

5. Stress Buster

Stress is a common factor that attributes to excess weight. It produces a hormonal imbalance in the body which leads to increased weight gain. Guava leaves are highly effective in relieving stress by relaxing your muscles. 

It also controls cortisol levels. These levels are responsible for weight gain. So if you are undergoing a stressful event or suffer from anxiety, try having guava leaf tea for reducing stress. 

6. Improves The Overall Quality Of Sleep

A poor sleep regime can increase stress levels in your body which will, in turn, lead to weight gain. It is extremely important to have a good night’s sleep if you want to maintain a healthy body. Lack of sleep could be a top reason why you can’t lose weight.

The ideal amount of sleep for adults ranges from 6-8 hours per day. Guava leaves improve the quality of sleep. It calms your nerves and soothes your mind, making it easier to fall asleep. 

Guava Leaves Tea For Weight Loss Recipe

guava leaves for weight loss

The best way to enjoy the benefits of guava leaves is by drinking guava leaves tea. They are full of anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and even tannins. 

It is easy to make and quick recipe. You can make guava leaves tea at home within 15 minutes. 

It will help you gain beneficial substances that will not only prevent health problems but also rejuvenate your body from within. 

What Will You Need?

  • 1 Litre water
  • 5 guava leaves
  • Mulethi
  • ¼ tbsp. cardamom
  • 1 dash honey


  • Take 5 guava leaves. Wash them thoroughly. 
  • Add guava leaves, cardamom, and Mulethi to 1 liter of water.
  • Boil them together for 10 minutes.
  • Filter and strain the water. 
  • Add a dash of honey as a sweetener (if required)

How Many Times Should I Drink Guava Leaves Tea?

Drinking freshly brewed guava leaf tea is the best way to lose weight. It enables people to lose around 3 to 8 pounds within a short period. 

You should drink guava leaves tea at least 2-3 times in a day. The best time to drink this healthy tea is in the early morning and before going to bed. 

You can schedule the in-between slots and drink it whenever you feel like. This way you will be able to lose weight quickly. 

Where Can I Find Guava Leaves for Weight Loss?

There are many places where you can find guava leaves for weight loss. The simplest way to extract guava leaves is from their trees. They are naturally found everywhere and you can easily grab a bunch of them. 

If you reside in the city and are not able to find any guava trees nearby, visit a grocery store or supermarket and you will easily get your hands on these wonder leaves. Also, many online websites such as Amazon provide packaged guava leaves. 

Guava Leaves Powder For Weight Loss

A more refined and easily accessible alternative for guava leaves is guava leaves powder. You can find it online, in grocery stores or crush dry guava leaves to make your guava powder at home.  

If you are wondering about the benefits of guava leaves powder, don’t worry. They serve the same purpose as the leaves and are just as much effective. 

Precautions Before Consuming Guava Leaves For Weight Loss

Guava leaves for weight loss are one of the best remedies. They are easy to digest and help with several health benefits apart from weight loss. 

But if you are wondering if guava leaves are safe for losing weight or consumption, don’t fret! They are considered safe to consume, however, if you suffer from diabetes, please consult your doctor before taking them. Guava leaves can significantly reduce blood sugar levels which might cause problems for diabetic people. 

Also, if you suffer from heart diseases, take a doctor’s opinion on whether you should consumer guava leaves or not. They tend to cause cardiac depressant effects which can cause trouble for those who have low blood pressure. 

Consult your physician or doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Other Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves

Guava leaves offer a gamut of health benefits. They are not just used for reducing weight, but for treating a variety of other health diseases. Some of the benefits of guava leaves are: 

1. Boosts Your Immunity

Low levels of Vitamin C can increase the risk of infections and illness. Guava leaves are rich sources of Vitamin C. They help boost immunity by killing bacteria and viruses that can lead to infections. 

2. Helps Relieve Painful Symptoms of Menstruation

Women often suffer from severe menstrual cramps that are extremely painful. Guava leaf extracts tend to reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps. It is also known to relieve uterine cramps. 

3. Good for Your Skin

The wide range of antioxidants and vitamins present in guava leaves works wonders for your skin. It is highly effective in killing acne-producing bacteria and ensures healthy skin. It also helps slow down the aging process thereby delaying the formation of wrinkles and deep lines. 

4. Treat Diarrhoea

Guava leaves are a rich source of dietary fiber. Drinking guava leaf tea or taking its extract as a capsule, or even adding it as an essential oil to a cup of warm water can help prevent diarrhea. It aids healthy bowel movements and prevents constipation.  

5. Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Guava leaves have shown to have an anti-cancer effect. The high levels of powerful antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging the cells. A study has found guava leaves to be even more effective than certain cancer drugs. It can help you even with the most deadly cancer.

6. Stop Hair Loss

You can use guava leaf water to prevent hair fall. It helps reduce hair breakage and improves the overall quality of hair. You can boil some guava leaves and let it cool. Once it is at a normal temperature, rinse your hair with it. Or massage deeply on your scalp. Using guava leaves for hair loss has been proven as a highly effective home remedy. 


Guava leaves are an incredible source of vitamins, antioxidants, and dietary fibers. There are many benefits of guava leaves

You can use guava leaves for weight loss or a number of health issues that are related to digestion, sugar levels, cardiac-related activities, etc. 

So it is time you start with your daily regime and use guava leaves to live a healthy life. 

Share your experience with them in the comments section down below. Help us know how your life has changed after consuming guava leaves regularly. 

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