Excess screen time can result in childhood obesity



You will be appalled to know that on an average the kids from age 8-17 years of age are spending approximately 8 hours a day in front of screens which is accelerating the process of obesity and overweight.

In terms of overweight problems like heart disease, diabetes, and several other health-related problems also arises. These days children and their phones are totally inseparable but all the engagements of them over screens are overall harming their vision and health. Various issues with poor behavior, lack of concentration and attention, irritation and headaches are also witnessed. Instead, get them to play with sensory toys as it makes them be more attentive and focused. Sensory toys help kids develop their motor skills, promote language development, and build various nerve connections in the brain.

Screen time precisely refers to the overall amount a person spends over staying the digital screen, there are multiple devices which comes under this category like tablets, computers, mobile phones, iPad and many more. Parents are always on the edge complaining about the routine engagement of their children with mobile phones and screens. 

This habit is actually disastrous as with time kids tend to involve more with the thing. Now introduce yourself with another fact- As per the general report the average time which a kid spends on the screen are-

  • Kids within 2 years of age group- 45 to 60 minutes daily
  • Kids within 2 to 5 year of age group- 3 to 4 hours daily
  • Children within 6 to 18 year of age group- 7 to 8 hours daily

In order for its prevention, some parents have banned or limited the use of mobile phones and other devices for certain time intervals. Even in some homes kids or adults do not use mobiles over dinner and before bedtime. It is important to emphasize the problem as once it is developed in an adolescent it is possible that they will find themselves attached more towards it every passing day.

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