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Amy Reimann is an established Interior decorator in addition to being a cheerleader and a member of the Wildcat Dancers of the University of Kentucky. Born in March 1982, Amy Reimann parents were from Texas hence she was brought up in Texas by Jeffrey Reimann and Anne Reimann. She has a sister Katie whom she has grown up with.

Amy Reimann Education

She got enrolled to the University of Kentucky happened in 2000 where she opted the interior designer course. She immediately became a cheerleader due to her sensuous beauty. After that, she became a part of the Wildcat dancer’s academy. She completed her degree in 20005 and was ready to explore her career. She is a true Texan beauty with Caucasian ethnicity. Her killer good looks along with extreme beauty set her as a true example of beauty with brains.

Amy was a student of the University of Kentucky where she studied design. While studying BA there, she also became a part of the cheerleader team at the university. Being a cheerleader motivated her to look beautiful and sensual. She started working out rigorously to look fit. For the amount of hard work she puts in her body and mind, she looks way younger than her actual age.

Amy Reimann Career Beginning

Yes, she had the perfect looks of the model, Blond bombshell standing 5 feet 8 inches tall but she knew she had to have a long and stable career forward. So, her focus was on designing which was bang on because she later started working for Wakefield Beasley which is a popular architecture planning company. She joined the company as the project coordinator. 

Despite having a model like beauty and body, she decided to continue with her career and make a name for herself. She believed that being a cheerleader is temporary and that she had bigger dreams of getting into mainstream interior designing and planning. Her skill and acumen won many hearts and she was promoted to the director’s post at Charlotte studio where she currently serving. She left her first job in 2009 before joining Charlotte studio. The firm’s focus is on Corporate Office, Club House – Facility Centers, High-End luxurious suburban, Mixed-Use Condominiums and many others.

Amy Reimann Husband

Amy’s first claim to fame was her marriage with NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Her husband is Dale is considered one of the best drivers the association has ever produced and for 14 incessant years has been awarded the most popular driver by the National Motorsports Press Association.

Amy’s wedding to the popular NASCAR driver is her second bond of matrimony. Her first marriage took place when she was very young to her former boyfriend Tommy cook who was a football player. Tommy was indeed one of the most sought after football players and also was a former wider receiver at the University. They eventually started liking each other when Amy was a cheerleader and him in the team. Their incessant interaction converted into dating which led them to become College sweethearts.

They got married in 2008, but as fate had it, due to internal conflicts their relationship went haywire and they were separated within a few months of their marriage. Ironically the divorce happened the same year as their wedding, but eventually, they moved on.

Amy Reimann Dating and Love Life

She met Dale before that but as an Interior decorator. She was given the contract to design Dale’s house in Mooresville, North Carolina and all she knew about Dale was that he was her client. Little did she know that Dale was a popular racing driver? Dale’s and Amy’s chemistry began to show on their faces and they decided to start dating. Amy wanted to be very sure about her date because of her past divorce.

Dale was smitten by her beauty and wit but was shy to ask her out. He sought the help of his good friend TJ Major who used to attend every meeting of theirs. But later it got converted to a good friendship and dating. They first came together in public on 2’nd December 2011. The appearance was for NASCAR sprint cup series Champions week awards ceremony in Nevada.

They dated for 7 long years when in 2015, Dale popped up the question which she couldn’t refuse. The couple got engaged in 2015 and agreed to marry him. It is said that Dale proposed Amy in Germany. It was planned and became a hugely romantic affair. The marriage happened with much fanfare on December 31′ st 2016. The wedding took place at Richard Childress’ Childress Vineyards of Lexington, North Carolina. Richard Childress is an associate NASCAR driver and a very close friend of Dale’s.

The wedding was a grand affair with several NASCAR bigwigs attending it. Notable among them was Danica Patrick who also posted a photo of herself catching the bride’s bouquet. She also shared another picture where she is seen posing with her current boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr, a NASCAR driver along with another NASCAR star Danny Hamlin with his girlfriend. Over 300 guests became a part of this cosy wedding. They all looked with wonder when they saw the couple share their vows, head over heels in love with each other. 

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Amy Reimann and Dale Earnhardt Jr’s daughter

Dale accepts that with Amy coming in her life, his life had become great and he is a changed person. He was very immature and ragged but with her influence, he has become responsible and romantic. In 2018 May, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and named her Isla Rose Earnhardt. 

Her love life had been mired with controversy because she was rumoured to have started dating Dale when she was still married to Cook. Also the best man in her first wedding Bo Mallette claimed that when she was still with Cook, she was also running another torrid affair. Her dedication and loyalty to the men in her life were surrounded by hullabaloo. Tim’s father also accused Dale of coming in between a good marriage and taking it to divorce.

Amy Reimann Networth

As a family unit, the couple’s net worth goes in millions chiefly because Dale’s market standing is huge. Dale is more than $400 million worth concerning market standing. Back in 2017, Forbes had marked Dale Earnhardt Jr net worth of $225 million with an average income of $23 million. So, based on the calculation, his net worth has increased by 3 times.

Although not much is known about the individual worth of Amy, some reliable sources suggest that her net worth is $1.2 million. But, she sure is touted to have an enviable figure for salary for the future as she is doing extremely well. Being in the top league at Charlotte studio, she is stated to earn a sizeable take home apart from the loyal clientele that she has succeeded in establishing. Her work has often been praised and at the rate she is going, she is sure to be regarded as a big name in the industry. 

On the work front, the 42-year-old Dale Earnhardt could not become a part of the 18 races scheduled this past season. He had suffered from a concussion which disabled me to participate in the races. But in early December after several confirmatory tests, he was given the go-ahead by the authorities to resume back into action. NASCAR’s representative Kenny Bruce said that Dale Junior had participated in a testing session at the Darlington Raceway. Based on his performance he said that he will be ready for the Big Daytona 500 race by February.

All the media attention she has received till now only has been due to her marriage with Dale. Recently she was also a part of Mountain Dew commercial which sponsors Dale. She also actively took part in the Better Half Dash charity race in 2014.

Amy is also a very active social media person with a sizeable number of followers on her Facebook and Instagram account. Amy Reimann twitter account has close to 200k followers and Amy Reimann instagram accounts totals to 245k followers. She also became visible in the show, Renovation Realities: Dale Jr.  & Amy airing on DIY Network and it is running quite successfully. The show documented the couple’s voyage to renovate and reinvigorate a 150-year-old historic home in Key West, Florida and is a very successful show. 

Recently rumours suggested that she is a lesbian, but later on, the rumours died a silent death. Her marriage to her former boyfriend and Current Husband Dale is the biggest testimony to the fact that she is heterosexual. Reporting details with responsibility is important and without facts, such news is just plain rumours.

Women of today are not just decked up dolls! They have beauty combined with skill, talent and unique leadership skills. Such women are enterprising and want to live on their independent terms. One such woman is Amy Reimann. Blessed with looks to kill, Amy Reimann had worked her way up to achieve professional success.

A lot of people might think that she has a powerful husband whose worth is in millions, but despite all that, she holds her ground not just because of her enigmatic beauty but also her education, her profession. She commands respect in social circles because of the way she conducts herself in public and how she has achieved so much professional success at such a young age. Truly she sets an example for every other celebrity mom and other working moms!

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