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Dylan O’Brien, who entered the big screen with High Road (2011), and had his first lead with The First Time (2012), has been best known for his portrayal of the goofy Stiles Stilinski in the MTV Television Series Teen Wolf and as the charismatic Thomas in the Maze Runner trilogy, a dystopian blockbuster. Dylan’s wonderful style of acting has made thousands of teenagers and young adults yearn for more of his work. Of course, back in 2016, the fear was that such a thing may not be possible again.

O’Brien was working on the sets of the third instalment of the Maze Runner series, the enigmatically entitled Death Cure, when, during the shooting of a stunt, he met with an accident with a car, and was out of commission for quite a while. Production for the film was delayed by almost a year owing to this unfortunate accident. But, as anyone following the event at the time would know, O’Brien maintained almost absolute silence about the accident and his recovery.

To the happiness of his fans, O’Brien returned and has many plans in place. During his appearance on the podcast ‘The Big Ticket With Marc Malkin’, he first opened up about his feelings after the accident. He revealed that he had done a lot of introspection during his recovery and had a lot to process. ‘That was a really hard comeback for me,’ was what he had to say. ‘I’ve kept this really, like, private for a long time. I’ve definitely spoken on it before, but it was a really hard journey back for me.’ As his fans awaited news of his return, he revealed that he had contemplated the possibility of not ever returning to a set again.

All said and done, we are glad that he is back, and wish that all his future work meets as much success as his past work.

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