A married and dedicated couple behind NUDEcnc release video: DIY CNC machine from granite calibrated with 100pm tool!

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Since most humans agree that the wheel is the most important innovation of the world, it is no surprise to hear the famous proverb that “A man and a woman are like two wheels of a cart”. Throughout centuries, countless couples have shown the world that two souls living their life to help each other can achieve anything. The same is true for Aleksandra and Arek, a couple having 3 children, dedicated to bringing positive changes to the world. Aleksandra is a dentist by profession, helping patients to get better dental help day-to-day. Despite her busy routine, she has been helping her husband with his innovations.

Arek is an inventor and a machinist. He is an aerospace engineer, having a strong command of CNC programming. Arek has designed the first water block design for naked die cooling in the World used for CPU cooling. This unique CPU cooler comes with an in-frame mounting mechanism. This device made by Arek is capable to lower the temperature of the CPU significantly. This invention is named “NCore V1”. In April 2018, Arek and his wife Aleksandra ran a campaign on Kickstarter about NCore. The campaign ran by the couple was successful, and it allowed them to gain recognition in the technology world.


NCore V1 has been reviewed by Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips, a YouTuber who is known worldwide for his technology reviews. In his review, Linus was surprised by the results of NCore V1.

Thanks to the generous funding of people on Kickstarter and other companies, Arek has now been able to make his CNC machine named “NCut” made of granite. This CNC machine made of granite is fully-functional. The design and its execution were done by Arek himself.

Video released just minutes ago!


Granite has specific properties that make it useful for the creation of CNC machines. It is strong as steel and lightweight as aluminum. The use of granite proves that it is going to show better results than other CNC machines in the market. Through the use of granite, NCut made by Arek is both precise and works fast. Precision and speed are the most important factors for any person working with a CNC machine. Two NCut machines are capable to do the same work as a normal CNC in a 60% cost of an ordinary CNC machine.

NCut gains its precision through the metrology system made by Arek. This metrology system is capable to measure with the resolution of 100 pm. Using this system does not require to warm up the device at all. You can carry this metrology system by hand as it is very lightweight. As the motto of NUDEcnc, both the NCut and the all-new metrology system are capable to do better than the machines already available in the market. The duo is not stopping here, and they plan to launch new products real soon. Their upcoming products include a GPU cooler named NCoin, customized keyboards under the name NKey, and newer versions of NCore to support CPUs of other brands like Ryzen. 

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