Difference Between Cloud and VPS hosting

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Website hosting is an area that needs some technical knowledge, and if you are serious about starting a website, then you should at least know the basics of website development and web hosting.

A lot of people want to start a website, but due to their ignorance about website hosting and server management, they are very much reluctant to launch the site. Website hosting and server management is not rocket science, and if you have some time to do the necessary research and studies, then you will be able to get the required knowledge and awareness about web hosting and server management.

There are many aspects as to whether to choose cloud or VPS hosting or just a share basic hosting for your website, and this all depends upon your requirement and the level of online business you are planning to make.

It seems that most of the newcomers into the internet technology has a lot of ignorance and confusion about the various types of hosting and they do not even know whether to go with a particular web hosting type or not.

The terms Cloud and VPS hosting might feel a big thing to the newbies, but even though they are big things, they can quickly learn the basics of cloud and VPS hosting. So if you have some time to learn some technical facts, then you can easily decide whether to choose cloud or VPS hosting for your website. You need to acquire a certain level of knowledge so that you don’t get cheated in the long run, and you can also run your online business in the best possible ways.

So, what is the difference between Cloud and VPS hosting?

VPS hosting servers are generally known as Virtual Private Servers hosting and in this case a physical server will be divided into different smaller virtual servers. The benefit is that each small virtual server will act as a dedicated server on its own. So in a VPS hosting, you will be getting your small virtual servers, and you will be able to manage your set of allocated resources the way you want it to be. Another plus point is that there will be no exchange of file access or data between the different accounts on the VPS server.

Now let us see what a cloud hosting is. Cloud hosting servers are almost similar to a VPS server hosting, but in a cloud hosting the server, resources are very much spread out along different physical machines instead of a single server. You will be getting a network of potential virtual machines with cloud hosting, and the ultimate result is that you will be getting a massive VPS out of this.

With a cloud hosting, you will have multiple resources at your hand, and you can improve the power of your server as your traffic increases daily. Even though the cloud hosting allows you more flexibility than the VPS hosting, you will not be able to make too much of customization from your end. Cloud hosting is usually preferred by website owners who are looking to increase the performance of their website, and this will come in handy when you have significant traffic coming to your website from different sources.

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Which one is good for you – Cloud or VPS hosting?

Well, this question is a tricky one, but those who have just started their online business through their website, VPS hosting will be better for them. If you want to start your site in no time quick, then you would preferably go with VPS server. On the other hand, if you are looking for a high performing website from the word goes, then you should consider trying the cloud hosting. Cloud hosting can help you in setting up a high performing website, and this is something recommended for those who are serious about their website from day one and are expecting a right amount of traffic to their website from different sources.

The major advantage with the cloud hosting server is that you will be getting access to various resources that can boost the performance of your website. In cloud hosting, you will be able to get a flexible package when it comes to the performance of your server and also the pricing.

But the VPS hosting is only suitable for you if you are a starter with your online resources and are not expecting a massive amount of traffic. It provides only limited server resources for your website, as you will not be planning a vast amount of traffic to your site.

Ultimately it is the nature of your online business that can decide on whether to select cloud hosting or VPS hosting. You can later migrate to a cloud hosting platform once your online business grows and you start getting enough traffic from numerous resources.

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