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It’s really happening, at last, the Chippendales’ biopic, under development for almost two decades, seems to be finally picking up. Joining Permut Production is Bold Films this time and the latest draft of the script is ready and written by Crag Williams. Although Dev Patel had been announced as the star back in 2017, somehow things seemed unsure still. The latest announcement of Oscar-Winning “I, Tonya”’s director joining the helm has brought some fresh excitement into the otherwise exhausting 2020.

“Chippendales” is the story of an Indian immigrant, Steve Banerjee, who took over Destiny II, a struggling club in L.A. and turned it into one of the most successful hotspots in the city. The club featured a “Female Exotic Dancing Night” and female mud wrestlers. It also launched the first male stripper dance troupe in the United States, to attract female audiences. 

Banerjee’s club became a huge success earning him millions every year. The male exotic dancers became more popularly known as Chpendaes, who were known for exotic dancing, scintillating stripteases and a costume consisting only a collar, bow tie and cuffs on their upper body. 

Working alongside Banerjee on the club was co-creator Paul Snider and girlfriend Dorothy Stratten. Stratten, was a Playboy Playmate and was immediately murdered by Snider himself, who thereafter committed suicide. This set of a series of reports and legal battles which plagued Banerjee. Playing Banerjee will be Dev Patel.

Other coverage of the murder includes the “Backstage Murder”, Episode 13 of Season 3 of The FBI Files. Banerjee has also been depicted by Naveen Andrews in “The Chippendales Murder” from 2000 and Shelley Malil in “Just Can’t Get Enough” in 2002.

No further details are available about cast members or release dates, but the internet has become just as excited at the prospect of seeing Dev Patel back on screen.

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