The Most Terrifying TV Moments

Alex Standallby:


Hank’s 1 MINUTE Warning on Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Before Walter White hatched out of an evil cocoon to reveal himself as the bullet with butterfly wings of Billy Corgan’s nightmare, there were THE COUSINS. Remember these dudes? The nephews of Hector Salamanca are kindred spirits with Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men. Interests include shiny cowboy boots, nonverbal communication, and good old-fashioned ax murdering. I cannot remember being more terrified when watching an episode of TV than when Hank, chilling out in the Albuquerque parking lot in his Range Rover (as you do), gets a buzz on his celly alerting him that he has T-minus 60 seconds before he’ll be chopped into a human jack-o-lantern.

The brawl that ensued is still one of the finest scenes of Breaking Bad – and that program is a smorgasbord of quality. At the time, blood and gore of this scene left me cradled in the fetal position whimpering and wishing I had a one-eyed pink teddy to snuggle. But now when I watch this shoot-out unfold, I’m reminded of the simpler Breaking Bad times – when the show had clear good and bad guys. — Katie Lucas

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