Chace Crawford turns superhero on The Boys, says he doesn’t mind being a part of Gossip Girl’s remake

Alex Standallby:


Chace Crawford, the young sensation who has created a buzz all around the entertainment industry with his smashing looks and stunning personality has joined the team of The Boys, an Amazon Prime show.

Crawford plays the role of a superhero who has got the super part down but is not much of a hero, because in this mordant world, the superheroes are drunk on their own power and are corrupted. Crawford’s character is called The Deep, a narcissistic personality who is the self-declared King of the Sea.

The show is quite contrasting to other series and films which portray superheroes as the good ones, those who would do anything to save the world. Rather, this shows the opposite side of what being powerful could do to a superhero; make them self-obsessed without putting their lives on the line for anybody’s safety, let alone the entire world!

Crawford said in an interview his character is quite the chill kind who doesn’t take himself too seriously. The actor also said when you will watch the show, it will almost be like feeling a bit different and wondering “what’s going on here?”.

Costar Laz Alonso, who plays the character of an anti-superhero vigilante Marvin, said the show reveals the entire superhero niche in a unique, deep and rooted sense. It isn’t the usual superhero stuff you watch generally. He further went on to explain the idea behind the show saying that it exhibits true characters of superheroes because, at the end of the day, they are also humans, just with some superhero powers!

Although Crawford has moved on to a new show with a different role, that doesn’t mean the actor isn’t willing to play his most famous role.

Before the news of Gossip Girl remake was formally announced, Crawford was asked if he would like to join back the team. Though he wasn’t sure how he would fit in, he surely didn’t show any hesitancy in going back. While the entire cast of the revamped version of The Gossip Girl will be new, the original cast can still appear and be a part of the show.

The new series will be based on the original show, where Serena, Chuck, Nate, and Blair will all exist, which means there is a great possibility for an original cast cameo.

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