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Hair loss affects millions of men and women every single year. Let’s face it, hair loss can be demoralizing. Who wants to go day by day knowing that your hair is thinning and falling out? Nobody. Our hair is precious to us, and sometimes our hair is what helps define us. It is not possible to count your strands of hair, but when it becomes obvious, that is when it becomes a problem. Whether you’re suffering from thinning or complete baldness, I am going to go through some causes of hair loss, and some offered solutions to help you recover from this nightmare!

Common Causes for Hair Loss

Some common causes of hair loss include stress, nutritional deficiencies, disease, genetics, and alopecia. At some point in an individual’s lifetime, they are going to experience some form of hair loss. It may not be severe, but it is just not realistic to keep every strand of hair on your head until you kick the bucket. But for some, hair loss can be a serious problem, so it is important to understand the possible underlying factors that are causing you to lose those precious locks!


Both physical and emotional stress has been tied to hair loss in both men and women. There are several types of hair loss and that can be correlated to your stress levels. Stress can push your hair follicles into the resting phase. You do not want this! What this means is that the hair follicle is dormant at this time. If your hair follicle is dormant, it will not continue to grow and prosper and will instead fall out and create thinning throughout the scalp.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Our bodies and hair need certain nutrients and vitamins to maintain good health. One important nutrient that our hair needs to continue to grow is protein. Keratin is a protective protein that helps make up your hair. If your diet is lacking protein, chances are you will not have a shiny and thick head of hair. Hair loss can be caused by the hair follicles being weak or damaged, so it is important to ingest the proper proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help keep it healthy and strong.


We often hear that a side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss. Chemotherapy is the treatment that individuals suffering from cancer undergo. While some chemo drugs are more likely to cause hair loss than others, it is not uncommon to see a cancer patient with little to no hair due to these drugs. This is caused by the drugs attacking and killing the hair root cells in the body. Hair follicle cells that are attacked and killed will no longer be able to remain attached to the scalp.


Studies have shown that DNA plays a big role when determining the cause of hair loss between men and women. Several variants that are located in or near the genes of hair growth are in charge of forming and maintaining the hair follicle cells. If your mother or father suffers from hair loss, it is possible that the biology of the hair follicles can also affect you as their offspring. Another hereditary trait that can be passed down through generations is the sensitivity to the hormone DHT. You can learn more about DHT here.

Thankfully, there are several hair loss shampoos that contain DHT blockers and inhibit 5AR enzymes. Such shampoos promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Androgenetic Alopecia

This is the most common form of hair loss in both men and women and can also be referred to as male/female pattern baldness. It is characterized by the gradual hair loss that occurs on the scalp. Individuals develop this condition when the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Androgenetic alopecia involves hormones called androgens which are essential to the regulation of hair growth and when they are inhibited, hair loss will occur.

Solutions for Hair Loss

hair loss solution

When we think of ways to treat our hair we often think of topical treatments or deep conditioners that will help improve the health and growth of the follicles. Most of us don’t realize the other options that are out there that can help promote the growth of our hair. Below you will find some solutions for hair loss that you have full access to incorporate into your daily routines.

Foods to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Eating foods with the appropriate vitamins and minerals will help keep your hair healthy and strong. Vegetables such as spinach and peppers have great sources of vitamins to give your hair the boost it deserves! Nuts such as almonds and cashews help naturally block the accumulation of DHT which allows your hair to continue to grow. Fish such as salmon are also stocked with nutrients that also help our hair. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which studies have linked to hair growth.

Natural Oils to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Natural oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal and cosmetic perks. Some oils that can help improve your hair include almond, peppermint, coconut, and rosemary. These are all beneficial to use for your hair depending on the results you are looking to achieve and the benefits you are looking to obtain from each. Almond oil is used to soothe and moisturize the scalp, while peppermint is used to stimulate the area it is applied to and help increase the activity of the cells. Coconut oil can increase the shine in your hair and rosemary oil improves hair growth by increasing circulation in the roots of the scalp. Choose the oils that are best suited for your hair’s needs.

Low Level Light Therapy Laser Caps

Low-level light therapy also known as LLLT, is a treatment method used to help regrow dormant hair follicles. This method uses lasers and LED lights to target hair follicles and energize them by boosting their metabolic rate. The lasers that are used in this treatment are cold lasers, so they do not actually heat up so you will not feel any kind of burning or discomfort. Clinical studies have shown that LLLT has been effective in both men and women to help achieve hair growth results.

Laser caps are a newer product on the market these days that are specifically for individuals suffering from hair loss. Companies like Kiierr have FDA cleared laser caps designed for hair regrowth and stimulation. They use medical-grade laser diodes to target the hair follicles that are thinning. The portable nature of this cap allows you to comfortably achieve desired results and undergo treatment in the comfort of your own home. It is hard to beat the convenience! All you have to do with the caps are turn them on and relax for 30 minutes every other day. Like most LLLT devices, you will typically see results within a 2-6 month time frame

If you are an individual that suffers from hair loss, it is important to get to the root of the problem before experimenting with treatments. Even though hair loss is natural; a healthy diet, natural oils, and specially designed products are everything that you need to help delay the process. Consulting with your doctor is also an appropriate option if you are unsure how to combat hair loss.

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