Cardi B breaks her silence after security threat forces her to cancel Indianapolis concert

Alex Standallby:


On Tuesday evening, Cardi B broke her silence and took to her Instagram handle to share the news that the concert in Indiana will be cancelled, but for a good reason. 

She went on to explain that she was rehearing at the venue with a clip of her rehearsing. But due to a security threat, the show has been cancelled. Investigation is being carried out, and safety comes first for both herself and her fans. 

However, the popular 26-year-old rapper assures her fans that she will reschedule her concert and come back on stage to perform for them. 

She stated in an Instagram post that her promoters have already rescheduled the show and that she felt sorry for cancelling it in the first place, but she hasn’t dealt with any situation like this before because of which she wanted to take some additional preventive measures. 

It is unclear as to when Cardi will come to the stage and reschedule her concert in Indiana. The Bronx native has been travelling a lot recently and doing shows all over. 

Last Friday, Cardi performed at a concert in Nebraska. That night, she took to Instagram stories to share the exciting news with her fans all over the world that her 1-year-old daughter, Kulture has hit a milestone: the baby girl took her first two steps. Unfortunately, Cardi couldn’t be there to see it for herself but she still celebrated in her own little way. 

Cardi explained that she was in a meet and greet when hennessy called. Hennessy was with Kulture, but the pop star said that she was busy and would call them right back. After that, Offset called her and she again said she was in a meet and greet, and that he could call up Hennessy who was with Kulture. 

She further stated that Offset is the lucky one who gets to witness all the good stuff. Before signing off that night, Cardi said her baby had started to walk already and she was super stoked about it. 

The 26-year-old star reunited with her baby and told her how much she missed while she was away on Instagram Stories. All in all, it is wonderful to see Cardi B and her fans safe!

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