Best Tennis Racquet Under 100: Top Models

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Can you really find best tennis racquet under 100? This might seem like a mission impossible but it’s actually easier than it might seem at first. For example, you can find adult tennis rackets as low as $60, so it’s quite possible to pick among several budget-friendly models including:

1. OS 500 Tennis Racket by Wilson Sporting Goods

If you’re looking for a basic tennis racket then this is a good option. There’s no cover, for example, which would add to the total cost. However, it’s a good adult tennis racket for newbies so if you’re a beginner tennis player this is definitely a model you should consider. Some of the features include:

  • Graphite
  • Big head size
  • Light string weight
  • String balance

All of these features are certainly ones you should consider when looking for a new tennis racket. For example, graphite is a lightweight yet durable material that can help improve the performance and durability of the tennis racket. You also get benefits like light string weight and strong balance, which are both critical. 

2. Roger Federer Jr. Tennis Racket by Wilson 

Roger Federer has won the most Grand Slam tournaments ever so your son/daughter can train to be the next Federer with this racket. It offers several features like:

  • Pre-strung
  • For ages 5 to 7 
  • Open string pattern
  • Lightweight frame

These features can provide different benefits in terms of power and spin, for example. 

3. Tour Slam Tennis Racket by Wilson 

This Wilson racket has received mostly positive reviews on Amazon with an average 4.5/5 stars. Features include:

  • Aluminum frame
  • Power strips
  • String balance
  • Volcanic frame tech
  • Stop-shock pads

These are some of the top features you can get from this item. They include ones that improve the form and function while keeping the price tag in the under-$50 range.

4. Conquest Tennis Racquet by HEAD 

This racket is among the best tennis racquet under 100 and is manufactured by one of the best-known tennis racket makers in the industry. This product is a good option for newbie players and has features like large sweet spot. It can help you improve your skills to become a better tennis player.

You also get several features. They include head light balance for less vibration and more stability. Besides that, the product is made from sturdy yet lightweight titanium. The material makes the racket strong yet lightweight for beginner players.   

When picking the best tennis racquet under 100 try the above-mentioned ones.

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