Is Alpaca Scarf better than Cashmere Scarf?

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When the temperatures drop and winter starts, millions of people all over the world find the warmest and coziest outfits that money can buy. That said, you’ve probably come across a cashmere blend scarf and 100% cashmere scarf as incredible recommendations. And you are not wrong. But, here’s the tricky part; is alpaca scarf better than cashmere scarf?

The answer to that question is not as easy as it sounds. Luckily, this article is in your best interest. Here, we will talk about the difference between cashmere blend/ alpaca scarf and Cashmere scarf. Just like cashmere, alpaca is a type of natural fiber that feels and looks luxurious. On top of that, alpaca is equally if not more durable than cashmere.

All in all, both of these natural fibers are hypoallergenic since they don’t contain lanolin. They are also both extremely soft but there are a lot of differences between the two.

Differences between Alpaca scarf and Cashmere scarf

1.    Not all types of cashmere scarves are equal

Truth be told, Ovcio cashmere scarf has been one of the most favorite luxurious items for ages. Majorly because the manufacturing process of this fabric is very specific. Each cashmere scarf typically has to have an undercoat of a specific goat breed and the fibers used have to contain a certain measurement.

But things changed when the world started to mass-produce cashmere scarf. So, now you can get a cashmere scarf in two versions. There are the expensive pricing 100% cashmere scarf and the cheap sister version where a cashmere scarf can go for as low as below $90. But don’t be fooled into thinking you will have the same experience with the cashmere-like scarf or cashmere mixed scarf…You won’t!

2.    Alpaca is quite rare

Even though alpaca was used generally by Peruvians, it’s not well known all over the world. That’s compared to cashmere scarf that’s now widely spread out because of its cheaper versions. That said, most mainstream fashion designers are now going for Alpaca.

You wouldn’t believe how far alpaca has come since its early days where it was once known as ‘poor man’s cashmere’. It’s now still one of the popular types of fabric. Cashmere scarf can be found in almost every price range and brand. On the other hand, Alpaca has maintained a constant price range and but it won’t be as soft as the high-quality Ovcio 100% cashmere scarf.

3.    The Cost of Cashmere Scarf

Even when you put both prices of cashmere scarf into consideration, the alpaca scarf will still be less expensive. That’s because it doesn’t have any less than premium versions. But with time, as the demand increases, it might not be as affordable as it is. With the rare supply of high-quality cashmere, the cost of a cashmere scarf would be higher than the cost of other winter scarves. For a full-sized 100% cashmere scarf, it takes two cashmere goats to contribute enough cashmere fiber to make one. So the reasonable cost of a good quality cashmere scarf would be at least $100. For any cashmere scarf that costs less, the quality would have been compromised.

4.    Alpaca is not yet in the mainstream

If you buy an alpaca scarf, be sure that it’s something that has not yet flooded the mainstream. However, there are designers who are now adopting the alpaca wool. Designers such as Loro Piana among others.

Before you go…

Without a doubt, it’s obvious that the cashmere scarf is better than Alpaca scarf. Even though both wool types are considered as the top-notch classy wools for the cold season, the cashmere scarf still takes the win. But both materials are the gift from our mother nature and they are both superior to the cheap synthetic scarves in the market.

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