90 Day Fiancé’s star Jay Smith released from ICE custody after 4 weeks

Alex Standallby:


Jay Smith has finally been released on Wednesday after four weeks in ICE custody from a detention center in Pennsylvania. In an Instagram video uploaded by Smith’s alleged girlfriend shows the actor leaving the facility and hugging the woman. 

The 90 Day Finance’ star’s former co-star and ex Ashley Martson said in response to the drama around Jay’s situation that while it can be karma or more of a rude awakening for Jay, but she hopes that he has learnt his lesson and to be respectful to his “flavour of the day from now on.”

But Jay Smith isn’t going to lose hope and let go of his dream of becoming a U.S. citizen. 

Smith has reportedly initiated a fundraiser named GoFundMe in an attempt to hire an attorney who can help assist his discharge from a detention center of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Smith’s friend, who started the account on his behalf, said Jay didn’t get his share of the cash for being abused on this television series and that they were asking for assistance to get him a lawyer.

Additionally, Jay seems to fear the worst – if he is deported back to Jamaica – and this situation could make it worse. His friend says that Smith is now assumed as a traitor who turned his back on his people, he wouldn’t be treated with much respect and people will presume that he has a lot of money since he has worked in an American TV show and was in America for a significant period of time. This makes him vulnerable if he gets back home with high threats of his safety. 

An official from the ICE confirmed that Jay Smith was arrested by ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations York for violating immigration rules and he was put into removal proceedings. After Smith was arrested on local charges, he was encountered at the Cumberland County Prison. Following to a detainer ICE officer’s lodged with the facility, Smith was released to ICE custody pending immigration proceedings.

It seems that Ashley Martson, Jay’s ex wife has offered little to no help to the star during his tough times. On the list of supporters of the GoFundMe funds, someone named Ashely Martson has donated $5 but it is uncertain if it was the real Ashely.

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