9 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Never Marry You



Marriage is a lifelong commitment between the spouses. It is a holy relationship where two souls take a vow to live together forever. You obviously want to marry the man you love. But your boyfriend might not feel the same way. Girls do everything they can and wait for their boyfriend to be ready for the marriage. This doesn’t actually happen. Guys often break up and give up on even such long and beautiful relationships. Here are the signs your boyfriend will not marry you:

1. He Changes the Subject Whenever You Talk About Marriage

Every time you talk about marriage, he would change the subject. Also, he would not make any promise simply because he does not want to marry you. Whenever you bring up marriage, he would laugh it off or he would try to dodge it. This is not a good sign. If he was really into you, he would love talking about it and share plans about marriage with you.

2. He Needs More Time

He needs more time because now is not the right time. He wants to focus on his career right now. He has goals that he wants to reach first. He is having a hard time and things are not going well for him. But here’s the thing; if someone truly loves something, he would do it anyway no matter what the obstacles are. Moreover, one would not sacrifice their love for anything.

3. He Doesn’t Believe in Marriage

There are guys who say they won’t marry anyone because they do not believe in marriage. Well, we all know that everyone ends up marrying someone. So if your boyfriend says that he doesn’t believe in marriage, it is a clear-cut signal that he would not marry you.

4. He Acts Dumb

Are you giving him hints that he is not getting? Look, boys are not dumb. So if you are giving strong hints about marriage or something else but your boyfriend pretends that he is not getting you then that means he is probably not gonna marry you. If he really wants to marry you, he would understand you really well. You do not need to give strong hints over and over again. He would probably know what’s in your heart without you laying hints.

5. His Family Doesn’t Know About You

Does his family know about you already? NO. Well, seems like he doesn’t want his family to know about you.  This is because he doesn’t want you to be a part of his family. If he truly loves you, he would introduce you to his family. He would talk about his family members and he would often take you to hang out with his family.

6. He’s Always Looking for a Reason to Fight

Too many fights? If he is fighting over pathetic issues and talks about the mistakes you made in the past and make it a pressing issue then marriage is out of question. A loyal boyfriend will never talk about your past and he would always look for ways to avoid fight even if it is you who is starting the fight. If he fights too much then drop the thought that he would ever marry you.

7. He Always Cuts You Out

Does he talk about his problems with you? Does he involve you in his personal matters? Has he been with you through thick and thin? Well, if your boyfriend doesn’t love you and he doesn’t want to marry you then he would not want you involved in any of his problems. He will definitely cut you out. He will not let you in. He would not let you know about his feeling. He will not show his true face to you.

8. He Downplays Your Relationship in Public

He will not talk about your relationship in public. He will not call you his girlfriend in public because he doesn’t want anyone to know. You are nowhere on his social media. His relationship status is still single. This means that he is not going to marry you. If he wanted to marry you, he would flaunt his relationship with you. He would not be afraid to tell the world about you. Also, if he loves you, you would be found everywhere on his social media handles.

9. He Never Asks You About Your Future Plans

He is not interested in what your future plans are. He doesn’t ask you what you want in your life. He doesn’t share his plans with you either. He is never bothered about your future plans. This lack of interest shows that he is not into you and he is not going to marry you.

So, these were the signs your boyfriend is not going to marry you. I know this is disappointing to you. Better be alone than being with someone who played you all along. We hope your boyfriend loves you and marries you.

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