8 Signs You’re Wasting Your Life



Are you living the life that you once dreamed of? We all have a picture in our mind of the life that we want to live. Unfortunately, not everyone lives up to their expectations. We wish you are really happy with your life. But if not, you might be wasting your life all along. Here are some signs you are wasting your life.

1. You Cannot Live Without Phone

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? If checking your phone is on your priority list then it is probably not a good sign. Scrolling through your Facebook news feed, checking WhatsApp for new messages over and over again, opening Instagram every now and then is a clear-cut signal that you are wasting your life. You keep on checking your phone even when you know there is nothing new. If you check your phone way too much and cannot imagine living without it then you are wasting your life.

2. You Hit the Snooze Button

The moment that alarm buzzes, you hit the snooze button. You never get up on time and do not rush for anything in the morning. You feel drowsier and you get fragmented sleep. When you do not get up on time, you do not feel fresh throughout the day. You do not make better decisions and you are not productive in your work. So, get up early and do things that are important to you to lead a happy and successful life.

3. You Watch Motivational Videos on YouTube

If you rely on motivational videos to get inspired to do something big in your life then you are perhaps wasting your life. It is okay to watch a motivational video every once in a while but watching it every time you need motivation is not going to help. Self-motivation is the best motivation. You do not need an external source of motivation if you really want to achieve big. But if you do not have that fire within you to do something big and you rely heavily on motivational videos then you are not going to succeed. You are only wasting your life this way. Analyze your dreams and take actions to fulfill them.

4. You Do Not Take Care of Yourself

Your health is your greatest asset. When you are healthy, you enjoy doing everything. You can focus on your dreams and passion when you are healthy. The body needs a healthy diet for its proper functioning. When you exercise and feed yourself with a balanced diet, you approach the problems with a great attitude and a positive mindset. If you do not value your health, you are wasting your life. Hold on, take a deep breath and put your health first.

5. You Do Not Enjoy Your Work

Another sign you are wasting your life is that you do not love your job. You just do it because you feel like there is no other option for you. Well, there is always an option. You can choose to do the things that you love. When you love your job then the chances of success are high. You should not choose to do something just because it pays you well. Do what you love and love what you do.

6. You Do Not Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you work within your comfort zone, chances are you are wasting your life. You avoid taking risks because you are just too afraid of the consequences. One should leave their comfort zone as there is no better way to grow. When you work out of your comfort zone, you feel confident. You will be proud of yourself. Even if you fail, you will only learn from your failures. And as your comfort zone expands, chances of success increase and your lead a happy and successful life.

7. You Watch Too Much Television

Watching too much TV affects your body and mind. It can have a bad impact on your cognitive abilities. Along with the cognitive problems, it can also cause health problems. You waste your time binge-watching your favorite shows. You should rather spend that time with your friends and family.

8. You Reminisce About the Past

Are you living in the past? If yes, you are wasting your life. You might have a good past but you cannot really turn back time. As long you are stuck in the past, you cannot enjoy your present. Change is inevitable. Learn to accept the change. Stop complaining about the present. Live in the moment. Stop wasting your life living in the past. Once you get over your past and make plans for your future, you will be really happy as a person.

If you identify any of these signs, you might be wasting your life. You only live once. Stop wasting your life. Make better decisions. Start working for your dreams and be happy.

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