6 Innovative Technologies That Will Change Our Lives

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The world has seen great leaps in digital technology over the past few years. From quantum computing to robot assistants, the pace of innovation is fast with new technologies emerging every single day. Although most of these technologies have not reached widespread use, they continue to disrupt almost all the industries that we can think of.

Businesses are investing heavily in new technologies to gain a competitive edge. The use of autonomous vehicles, AI, 5G, and other transformative technologies will become mainstream in the coming years. According to Ericsson Mobility report, 5G subscriptions will reach 1.9 billion by 2024 carrying out 35 percent of the internet traffic. Anyhow, here are the most innovative technologies that are or will change the way we work.

3D Printing

The idea of creating anything we want including cars might sound absurd, but it is already happening. According to a survey, 18 percent of organizations are actively using 3D metal printing for business operations such as medical device testing, rapid prototyping, etc.

Companies like Desktop Metal have launched 3D printers that can reduce the manufacturing load on the workers. We can now print furniture, space stations, games, body parts, and whatnot. 

USA and China are the top 3D printers manufacturers. When put to wider use, 3D printers would greatly reduce the need for human interaction in manufacturing and save us a lot of time in various things. 

Quantum Computing

The computers that we use today use a series of zeroes and ones to communicate information. No doubt they are powerful, but they do have certain limitations, and they are unable to solve certain problems such as modeling complex chemical processes. Quantum computers can help here as they are more advanced and powerful. 

The secret of quantum computers’ powers lies in its ability to generate and manipulate quantum bits. These qubits can exist in a state which allows them to process complex datasets more efficiently and effectively. Using these computers, we can easily solve challenging machine-learning problems. 

Autonomous Vehicles

From a workflow model to self-driving cars, automation is almost in every sector. Automation technologies are playing a vital role in this fast moving world. From a business process management to autonomous vehicles, this technology is helping processes to be performed with minimum human assistance. Usage have this technology has made many businesses and persons see significant improvements in accuracy, productivity, accountability and job satisfaction. If you study more about Automation definition, you will find that implementation of Automation can boost a task and its productivity. In a decade we are going to see some amazing changes because of automotive technologies.


Genetic diseases such as Huntington’s and cystic fibrosis are still posing a serious threat to humans. Although medications are available to manage the symptoms of such diseases, the mental and physical decline associated with them cannot be prevented with medication. But don’t worry! With the help of crispr, genetic diseases can be removed. 

It is a powerful tool for editing genomes that allow researchers to alter DNA sequences and modify gene functions. Crispr Cas-9 is a gene-splicing technology that can find and replace mutated sections of DNA. Thus, the technology can remove the diseases from the bloodline. It is already being used to treat cancer and cure genetically caused blindness. In the future, we will be able to accomplish much more with this technology.

Internet of Things

IoT is no longer a buzzword. It has become a full-fledged technology ecosystem per se. IoT is basically an ecosystem of connected physical entities that are accessible through the internet. Everything from your mobile phones, washing machines, ACs, refrigerators are interconnected. With IoT in action, we will have smart cities, efficient waste management, improved healthcare, optimized traffic control, etc.

You’ll be able to control everything you own with a mobile in the next few years. Take Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, for example. It does everything from playing hit tunes to managing your grocery list. The fridge has a set of cameras that keep tabs on food items and let you know when you’re running out of your eggs and fruits. And when the time comes to buy groceries, it lets you order them and have them delivered at your door. 

Artificial Embryos

Scientists have created artificial embryos from scratch using stem cells. This would help researchers understand the mysteries of early human development. Although the cells used came from mice, but scientists are hopeful that it would help study human development given that our DNA is pretty similar to that of mice.

It is now possible to create life simply by stem cells taken from another embryo. The technology will help in unnatural creation of life and also enable us to understand why human development often goes wrong. 

The future is a very exciting place. It would be interesting to know what these technologies have in store for humans. All we can do is wait and see these technologies change our lives. 

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