5 Chic Ideas to Decorate Your Dorm Room

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Decorating small spaces like dorm room come along with many challenges – especially when you have just one place to sleep, study, and hang out. It gets tougher when you’re sharing it with a roommate. 

College students have to keep their dorm room organized because it’s the only space they have for studying and relaxing. At the same time, it has to be appealing and inviting. To help you achieve the same, we have come up with five amazing small space solutions that will help you get a chic dorm room in such a low budget.

Bring in Some Succulents

Plants, especially succulents, bring a refreshing and vibrant ambience into your room. They instantly make you feel close to nature, even if they are artificial. You don’t even have to worry about watering them or taking care of sunlight exposure. You can get faux succulents as they look like real ones and make your space feel greener and homier. 

Decorate with Wall Tapestries

Tapestries are another great way to decorate your dorm room walls in a small budget. A decent tapestry will cost you around $20, and they have the tendency to transform any space entirely if you choose the right one. There are many great designs for dorm room tapestries on Amazon for you to choose.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is the best way to make the most of small space. It helps you make room for anything necessary. For example, you can get a pouf instead of the small table as it will help you serve three purposes by acting as a small table, an ottoman, and a seat. You can also go for ottoman with hidden storages. Therefore, getting multi-functional furniture is must if you have to make the most out of your limited space.

Stay Organized

The clutter will make your space look smaller than it actually is. De-cluttering is the best option to make your space look and feel bigger. You can use baskets, trays, bins, storage boxes, and other kinds of organizers to keep your assets well-organized. You can take advantage of unused spaces for organizing your clutter. For example, keep your shoe organizers in the closet. You can also place hooks on your closet doors to hang your bags and accessories. Do not forget to use the space under your bed.

Add a Fun Doormat

A standards area rug might seem too much for a small dorm room. Why don’t you think about a fun doormat instead? A cool doormat can bring too much swag to your dorm room – plus they cost less in comparison of a standard size rug. If you have a dorm room with minimal colors, you can get yourself a colorful doormat for adding a bit of pop and color in your room.

These were some of the best ideas we could suggest to help you make your dorm room stand out in the least budget possible. We hope these tips help you transform your dorm room into a perfect space for studying as well as relaxing.

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