Must To Do Outdoor Activities In Dubai

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“Dubai” which is the most populous city in the UAE located on the Persian Gulf Coast, might not have the green forest but have the most amazing and stunning things and places to visit. The whole city has been surrounded by the massive Arabian desert and the Persian Gulf and it has many Must to do Outdoor activities.

From all over the world, tourists come to this amazing city just to visit all the wonders and beauty. From desert safaris and sea fishing to Dhow Cruise dinner, Yacht experience, and mountain biking, it has several things to do.

Dubai city is famous for its mind-blowing infrastructure, liberal policies, and brilliant tourist amenities. You can do a plethora of things here from shopping to attending sports events, some sinful pleasures, sightseeing, fine dining and what not.

Below we have mentioned some must to do outdoor activities in Dubai. Check and decide which one is interesting among all.

Desert Safari Dubai

If you really want to enjoy the beauty and mystery of the desert than nothing is better than a 6-hour tour to Desert Safari Dubai. When you leave the city to visit the destination, a guide will attend you in a sheltered 4*4. During this trip, you will enjoy the combination of modern and traditional adventure of the desert.

From camel riding to dune bashing, hands tattoo, and the view of the sunset, this place has all the things which make your eyes shine. In addition to that, with henna, you can also tattoo your hands and watch the “Tanoura” the famous folk dance of the desert. And in the last, end your day with eating the delicious barbeque dinner with a fascinating belly dance show.

Dhow Cruise

The Dhow Cruise is the spirit of Dubai, it will expose the other side of the city in front of you. You will have two options to experience the amazing Dhow Cruise and those are Creek and the Marina. Although both of these places are mind-blowing in each term the Creek lacks behind Marina for some amazing features.

When you visit Dhow Cruise Marina, it will become your life experience and we can assure you that to you. You can also say that it is one of those famous places that will remain in your head till your last breath. Actually it’s an attractive traditional vessel made up of fully wooden material.


If you will not do the tour for a Yacht in Dubai then you do nothing. It is one of the lifetime’s thrilling experiences which you will surely enjoy it a lot. Get a chance to explore the jewels of Dubai by surfing the water in the most luxurious Yacht.

This amazing journey would be a perfect mixture of fun, leisure and lots of luxury. In addition to this, you will also enjoy breathtakingly mesmerizing water of the Persian Gulf with the glittering skyline.

Dune Bashing

Similar to the sandboarding, Dune Bashing is one of the adventuresome sport that you can enjoy in Dubai. Apart from that, this sport is the best that you can enjoy with your family, just sit in an SUV and ride that full speed in the sand dunes.

One of the famous model SUVs that is being used in this sport is Big Red that has the capability to run at the rate of 250,000square miles.


When you see the top adventurous sport of Dubai, you will find that Skiing is among the top of the list. Any person with the age above 3 can enjoy skiing here.  For a very special indoor skiing known as Ski Dubai, you can visit the Mall of the Emirates at Sheikh Zayad road.

To make the skiing a little tough and interesting, Ski Dubai has rails and jumps slops. We assure that once you go there you will not forget this experience in your whole life.


The other must to do outdoor activities in Dubai is Skydiving which is one of the top adventures to experience in Dubai. Can you imagine to jump off from a height of 13000 feet from the skydive Dubai plane? Only the dare one can do that but we can assure that you will never forget this experience. 

To do the same you have to be above the age of 18 and your weight should not be more than 100KG. If you meet these given requirements then only you can benefit the amazing skydiving.

In The Last…

We just got only one life so why should we enjoy every moment of it. The world is so beautiful but what you need is some time and money for you. Start your journey today with one of the beautiful places in Dubai.

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